Isushi in Bishan Menu

$12 Menu $12 Menu
  • Unagi Don with Jasmine Green Tea $12.00
  • Salmon Sushi Set with Honey Yuzu Green Tea $12.00
Introductory  Offer – Must Try!! Introductory Offer – Must Try!!
  • Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Burger $5.80
    • Grilled chicken with special homemade teriyaki sauce in healthy sesame seed charcoal bun. Free cold brewed jasmine green tea (for limited period only).
Don Buri  (Rice Bowl) Don Buri (Rice Bowl)
  • Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Don $7.80
    • Special homemade teriyaki sauce.
  • Grilled Salmon Teriyaki Don $8.80
    • Special homemade teriyaki sauce.
  • Grilled Unagi Don $11.80
    • Special homemade unagi sauce.
  • Oyaku Don $8.00
    • Chicken, onion, scramble egg in special homemade oyakudon sauce.
  • Chicken Katsu Curry Don $8.80
    • Chicken katsu, potato, carrot in japanese curry sauce.
  • Fresh Salmon Don $8.80
    • Special homemade sashimi sauce.
  • Fresh Salmon with Ikura Don $11.80
    • Special homemade sashimi sauce includes salmon roe.
  • My Chirashi $13.80
    • Special homemade chirashi sauce, fresh salmon, sword fish, grilled unagi, tobikko, edamame, cucumber, tamago, garnishings.
  • iSushi Chirashi $18.80
    • Special homemade chirashi sauce, fresh salmon, sword fish, grilled unagi, amaebi , ikura, tobikko, edamame, cucumber, tamago.
Udon/Ramen Udon/Ramen
  • Kitsune Udon $5.00
    • With Japanese sweet beancurd and fish cake.
  • Chicken Katsu Curry Udon $8.00
    • Chicken katsu, potato, carrot in japanese curry sauce.
  • Miso Ramen $5.80
    • Chicken and vegetables.
  • Tonketsu Ramen $5.80
    • Chicken and vegetables in tonkatsu soup base.
Sushi Set Sushi Set
  • Mixed Sushi Set (10) $8.50
    • Mini California maki, seasoned octopus, crab mayo, tuna mayo, inari.
  • Salmon Set (10) $9.50
    • Fresh salmon sushi and mini baked salmon maki.
Party Pack Party Pack
  • Perfect Mix - 28pcs (Serves 6 – 8 Pax) $45.00
    • Mini California maki, unagi, prawn, omelette, crab mayo sweet beancurd skin, seasoned jellyfish, crabstick , egg mayo, seasoned baby octopus sushi.
  • Seafood Paradise - 42pcs (Serves 10 – 12 Pax) $65.00
    • Fresh salmon, lobster salad, unagi, whole scallop, prawn sushi, seasoned baby octopus and hana maki.
  • Wheel Of Fortune - 54pcs (Serves 13 – 15 Pax $69.00
    • Lobster salad, tuna mayo, egg mayo, seasoned baby octopus, baked salmon, teriyaki chicken, jellyfish, crab mayo, ebikko sushi and assorted signature mini maki.
Seafood Sushi Seafood Sushi
  • Salmon Sushi $3.00
  • Unagi Sushi $3.80
  • Lobster Salad Sushi $3.80
  • Tobikko Sushi $3.00
  • Ikura Sushi $4.50
  • Ebi Sushi $3.00
  • Tako Sushi $3.00
  • Hotate Sushi $3.80
Handroll Handroll
  • California Handroll $2.50
  • Fresh Salmon Handroll $3.50
  • Baked Salmon Handroll $3.00
  • Grilled Unagi Handroll $3.80
  • Lobster Salad Handroll $3.80
Seafood Maki Seafood Maki
  • Hana Lobster Salad $5.80
  • Lobster Salmon Maki $6.50
  • Unagi Maki $4.50
  • Fresh Salmon Maki $4.50
  • California Maki $4.50
  • Baked Salmon Maki $4.50
Healthy Vegetarian Healthy Vegetarian
  • Original Inari $2.50
  • Cucumber Maki $2.80
  • Tamago Maki $2.80
  • Kanpyo Maki $3.30
  • Oshinko Maki $3.30
Side Order Side Order
  • Fresh Salmon Sashimi $14.00
  • Grilled Salmon Teriyaki $7.00
  • Grilled Unagi $8.80
  • Grilled Saba $6.80
  • Grilled Chicken Teriyaki $6.00
  • Seasoned Octopus $6.50
  • Seasoned Jellyfish $6.50
  • Ebiko $6.50
  • Shoyu - Mini Pack $0.30
  • Wasabi - Mini Pack $0.30
  • Ginger - Mini Tub $1.50
  • Wasabi - Mini Tub $1.50
Milk Tea Milk Tea
  • Earl Grey Milk Tea $2.30
  • Caramel Milk Tea $2.50
  • Chocolate Milk Tea $2.50
Green Tea (Cold Brewed) Green Tea (Cold Brewed)
  • Jasmine Green Tea $2.30
  • Yakult Green Tea $3.30
  • Honey Yuzu Green Tea $3.30
Sparkling Magic Soda Sparkling Magic Soda
  • Mango Soda $2.50
  • Lychee Soda $2.50
  • Green Apple Soda $2.50
Ice Blend Ice Blend
  • Honey Dew Ice Blend $2.50
  • Passion Fruit Ice Blend $2.50
  • Green Apple Ice Blend $2.50
  • Mango Ice Blend $2.50
Milkshake Milkshake
  • Chocolate Milk Shake $3.00
  • Milo Milk Shake $3.00
  • Vanilla Milk Shake $3.00
  • Oreo Milk Shake $3.40
  • Nutella Milk Shake $3.40
Yogurt Smoothie Yogurt Smoothie
  • Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie $3.50
  • Peach Yogurt Smoothie $3.50
  • Mango Yogurt Smoothie $3.50
Macchiato Series Macchiato Series
  • Earl Grey Milk Tea Macchiato $3.30

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Pork Belly Don $10.00
    • Sweet summer corn, pork belly with a kick of personality - Just like grandma dot.
  • Cold Tofu $5.00
    • Let me serve you in this summertime.
  • Honey $3.00
    • Iced.
  • Belly Good Salad $9.00
    • Tender green with juiciest, tastiest pork belly stripe around. Forget about the calories and clucking about it.
  • Q00 $2.00
  • Egg $2.70
    • Ru Dan or sunny fried egg.
  • Avocado Milk $4.50
    • Gula melaka, honey or espresso. Iced.
  • Unagi Kabayaki $15.00
  • Kumamoto Ramen $13.00
  • Pork Shabu Kimchi $8.00
  • Mix Fry Rice Set $18.50
  • Chicken Karaage Rice Set $16.00
  • Chicken Teriyaki $13.00
  • Shishamo $7.00
  • Chicken Cutlet Rice Set Meal $18.50
  • 2 Pax Ramen Set $36.80
    • Consists of 1x Tom Yam Ramen with ring roll, 1x Kumamoto Ramen with ring roll, 1x Fried Chicken side dish, 1x 4pcs Gyoza side dish and 2x Hojicha Panna Cotta.
  • Banana Dark Chocolate (Premium) (130ml) $6.90
    • We drew inspiration from 2 of our own favorite flavors to derive this decadent treat. It’s a flavorful and filling dessert that’s not meant for the faint-hearted. It’s serious chocolate meeting sweet banana slices. We absolutely love it! This dessert is made of layers of chocolate soft cake, dark chocolate mousse with banana slices, cocoa cookie crust, topped with a dollop of salted caramel and some almond nibs.
  • Cappuccino $6.00
  • Flat White $6.00
  • Any Jarcakes of Your Choice $8.00
    • With a warm or cold latte.
  • Durian D24 (Premium) (130ml) $6.90
    • Real, succulent, decadent durian. Absolutely a favourite for all durian lovers. We use only mao shan wang to make this great treat for you (and ourselves). We would highly recommend this! This dessert is made of layers of vanilla soft cake, (fresh) durian mousse with a dollop of durian flesh and topped with a layer of cookie crust.
  • Virgil's $5.40
    • Premium soda.
  • Steward's - Cream Orange $5.40
  • Cookies & Cream (Premium) (130ml) $6.40
    • All kids love this. And adults that do not want to admit. We make our cookies and cream different with 2 types of cookies, making it an indulgent treat that is creamy, crunchy and crazy good. As always, make sure every component of the cake makes it into each mouthful that you take! This dessert is made of layers of chocolate and vanilla soft cake, custard mousse, chunks of double-baked cookie crumbs (both plain and cocoa flavored).
  • -U.p
  • Clam chowder
    • Baby clams, diced potatoes, carrots, onions and celery in creamy soup served in a sourdough bread bowl
  • Meatballs in tomato sauce
    • Juicy chicken and beef meatballs tenderly braised in tomato sauce, served with mashed potatoes
  • -Adult
  • Calamari rings
    • Golden fried calamari rings served with our famous tartar sauce
  • Chick and fries
    • Breaded chicken strips and signature fries
  • Beef lasagna
    • Juicy minced beef between layers of pasta and spinach, accompanied with tangy tomato sauce
  • Mee goreng (sirloin chunks/seafood)
    • Choice of sirloin chunks or seafood, served with stir-fried yellow noodles with prawns, eggs, cherry tomatoes and our chef's special spicy sauce
  • Cantonese Sweet & Sour Pork
    • Cantonese Sweet & Sour PorkOriginated from Cantonese cuisine, this winning combination of bite sized pork nuggets coated in a tangy sweet and sour sauce has captured the appetitites of many.
  • Hot & Sour Soup
    • Hot & Sour SoupSour, spicy and savoury notes, combined with a smooth, comforting texture, make this classic Chinese soup a perennial hit, stimulating the palate for dishes ahead.
  • Green Chillies with Marinated Stuffed Minced Meat
    • Green Chillies with Marinated Stuffed Minced MeatCreated specially to suit the Thai palate, this popular dish is now available in Singapore and features an exciting fusion of sweet, sour and spice. Promises to whet your appetite!
  • Deep-fried Specially Marinated Pork Chop
    • Deep-fried Specially Marinated Pork Chop Munch away on this scrumptious dish of deeply marinated pork chop, which is deep-fried to perfection. The meat is juicy and tender, making for a wholesome gastronomic experience at Din Tai Fung.
  • Exclusive available at marina bay and resorts world sentosa
  • Noodle with Spicy Sauce
    • Noodle with Spicy Sauce Another Din Tai Fung specialty noodle originally created for Thai taste buds, this noodle dish has found its way into the hearts and stomachs of Southeast Asian diners. There is just a hint of fragrant sweetness in the spicy sauce to complement the springy hand-cooked noodle.
  • Steamed Vegetable & Pork Dumplings
    • Steamed Vegetable & Pork Dumplings Delicately handmade with precision, Din Tai Fung’s Steamed Vegetable & Pork Dumplings are juicy with delectable delights of savoury premium meat and fragrant Chinese cabbage.
  • Soy Marinated Shanghainese Smoked Fish
    • Soy Marinated Shanghainese Smoked FishWith every slice cut to precision, this leather jacket aquatic delicacy is served with Taiwan imported soy sauce which boosts a rich blend of flavours. With the rich aroma from the rice wine marination, its bound to whet your appetite.
  • Pumpkin broth with scallops
  • Herbal roast (angelica / len wonder / wild ginseng )
  • Homecooked chicken in chinese wine
  • Stir fried lotus root with macadamia nut
  • Fiery sambai squid with prawns
  • Baby kai-lan with salted fish & lime
  • Home-cooked chicken in chinese wine
  • Sautéed crab meat with sweet gourd & homemade tofu / homemade seaweed tofu
  • Natsumi Fish $3.35
  • •Meal includes
  • MOS Chicken $2.90
  • Natsumi Chicken Teriyaki $3.50
  • MOS Cheeseburger $3.85
  • Croquette $2.10
  • Premium Yakitori Rice Burger $4.25
  • Egg Salad Burger $2.20
  • Be your own chef - choose baked rice / pasta
  • Scrambled eggs $2.80
  • Pan grilled fish $12.60
  • Creamy mango
  • Salmon $4.80
  • Double cheese baked rice $1.90
  • Just a chocolate in a jar $6.30
    • M&MS sprinkled with 4 scoops or ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce & roasted almon flakes
  • Combo C $5.20
    • Drink / soup of the day / garlic bread
  • -small $ 25.90
  • Stir-fried marbled beef with sweet peas in pepper sauce
    • Marbled beef contains thin threads of fat running through the meat, hence the name. Juicy, tender and flavourful,perfectly-sliced marbled beef are stir-fried with sweet peas for a tantalising experience for your taste buds.
  • -large $ 39.90
  • -large $ 36.00
  • Pork collar $23.90*
    • Well-muscled with a good mix of fats and lean meat, pork collar is a flavourful cut of meat that doesn’t dry out after cooking. Juicy and charbroiled with thai sauce to perfection, this succulent dish is heavenly on its own. For a more flavourful experience, try it with our thai chilli sauce.
  • -medium $35.90
  • -large $50.90
  • -medium $ 29.90
  • Aloo Mattar $10.00
    • Fresh garden peas and potato cubes cooked in lildly spicy gravy.
  • Cheese Naan $5.00
    • Indian bread stuffed with cheese and roasted crisply in earthen oven.
  • Hot Coffee $4.50
  • Iced Coffee $4.50
  • Pappadums 3 Piece $1.00
  • Keema Naan $6.00
    • Indian bread stuffed with minced mutton and roasted in earthen oven.
  • Veg Fried Rice $8.00
    • Fried rice cooked with assorted vegetables.
  • Plain Naan $3.00
    • Plain Indian bread roasted crispy in earthen oven.
  • Mediterranean $8.50
    • Mixed vegetables in tomato herb sauce
  • Chicken Cheese Salsiccia $11.50
    • Cheesy chicken sausages in jalapeño tomato sauce or tomato herb sauce
  • Alfredo $10.50
    • Chicken, chicken ham and broccoli
  • Honey Garlic Chicken $5.20
    • Chicken bites coated with homemade honey garlic sauce
  • Salted Egg Chicken Creamy Pasta $16.80
    • Hot and spicy crispy chicken with choice of pasta, coke and brownie with hazelnut sauce
  • Chicken Sausage $9.20
    • Sliced sausages, broccoli and chilli in creamy tomato sauce
  • Carbonara $11.90
    • Classic Italian pasta tossed with turkey bacon and parmesan cheese
  • Turkey Bacon Aglio $8.90
    • Turkey bacon, chilli, garlic and diced tomatoes tossed in olive oil
  • Claypot kway teow seafood
    • This star dish is loaded with a splendid medley of seafood served with gravy over rice noodles in a claypot
  • Seafood arrabbiata pasta
    • This bestseller specially created by ur test kitchen features spaghetti al dente in spicy tomato cream sauce served with fresh blue mussels and succulent prawns, tuck in and enjoy the punchy flavors in every mouthful
  • A la carte
  • Tom yam popcorn squid salad
    • A vibrant mix of crisp lettuce, carrots, juicy cherry tomatoes, olives and succulent fried squid heads topped of with a refreshing thai tom yam dressing for that extra oomph!
  • Milo dinosaur sundae dirt pot
    • Includes pot & spare, a little bit of dirt never hurt anyone - so dig into this dreamy potted dessert featuring creamy milo ice cream crowned with an addictive layer of milo powder, chewy gummy candy, a juicy gooseberry served with a mini shovel. a sundae version of milo dinosaur? oh yes, we are sold!
  • Omelette
    • Egg omelette with your choice of any two fillings: cheese, chicken, ham, chicken, mushrooms or onions, served with U.S. fries and coleslaw
  • Curry chicken baked rice
    • Spicy chunks of curry chicken baked with savory rice
  • Honey butter lava rolls
    • Bite into these crust crackling bread rolls which ooze tasty honey butter cream, served with buttered potatoes and our new smoked duck sausages to complete your breakfast experience
  • Homemade Lemon Grass with Ginger $2.10
  • Homemade Lemongrass with Ginger Cold $2.30
  • Japanese Miso Soup 日式味增苋菜汤 $9.00
  • Claypot Braised Lion Head (Shizitou) 砂煲红烧白玉菇狮子头 $13.00
  • Fish Toufu in Thai Chilli (6 pieces) 鱼豆腐配泰式酱 $5.00
  • Asparagus in Oyster Sauce 蚝油芦笋 $14.00
  • Claypot Tight Treasure Vegetables 砂煲八宝菜 $14.00
  • Honey Glazed BBQ Pork 蜜汁三层肉 $11.00
  • Shime saba $4.00
    • Seasoned mackerel
  • Kagoshima pork sukiyaki $17.80
    • Japanese pork hot pot with sweet soy-base soup
  • The combination of expertly sliced raw fish, wasabi (Japanese horseradish) shoyu (soy sauce) and gari (pickled ginger) comes close to being an art form. only the freshest fish is used here, and our chefs spend years honing their skills to bring out the most subtle flavors and the true beauty of sashimi.
  • Start you meal and cleanse your palate, by choosing from our wonderful array of hot and cold appetizers, for introduction to the breadth of cooking styles and exciting flavors that await you, there's no better place to begin.
  • Salmon enoki roll $8.00
    • Salmon with golden mushroom
  • Joe unagi $6.90
    • Premium eel
  • Ebi & yasai kakiage don $12.80
    • Shrimp & vegetable tempura on rice
  • Saba shio/teriyaki $10.80
    • Grilled mackerel with salt or teriyaki sauce
  • Thai Style Chicken Rice $7.00
  • Rice with Sweet & Sour Pork $7.00
  • Sliced Fish Hor Fun $7.00
  • Curry Chicken Rice $7.00
  • Tom Yam Seafood Soup $7.00
  • Cabbage Fish Head Soup $7.00
  • Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish Rice $7.00
  • Salted Veg Fried Meat Rice $7.00




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57B New Upper Changi Road Bedok South Area Office, Blk 57, #01-1356, Singapore 463057, Singapore
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