Harry's Cuppage in Singapore Menu

  • V = vegetarian
  • Harry's signature wings
    • Harry's signature treat when friends come by, crispy wings dressed with our house bleed of spices
  • Lord of the onion rings (V)
    • A crowd favourite of irresistible golden onion rings best savoured alongside cheesy barbecue dip
  • Chicken & beef satay
    • Our rendition of a local favourite: a dozen of grilled chicken and beef skewers, paired with spicy peanut dip and pineapple salsa
  • Crisp royale
    • An extra punch to your crunch: enjoy these crisp with breaded calamari and baby horse mackerels
  • Fish cracklings
    • Crackling fish skin tossed with our house blend of spices, served with aioli, best enjoyed with a good chunks
  • Chirpy chips
    • It's always chirpy with these chips drizzled with curried mayonnaise and savoury chicken floss
  • Otah toasties
    • An inspiration from well-loved local flavours, spicy fish cake topped on crisp toasts
  • Chilli beef & cheese poutine
    • An indulgence of potato crisp loaded with chilli beef and creamy cheese, a hearty one to enjoy with a beer
  • Jalapeño steak sliders
    • Chomp down these juicy steak sliders with charred bell peppers and jalapeño cheese sauce
  • Croque monsieur sliders
    • A classic ham and cheese combination layered with mozzarella and bechamel sauce for a subtle sweetness
  • Soy-glazed beef cubes
    • A man with a flavourful plate of crispy beef in one hand (and a fruity red wine in another) is a happy man indeed
  • Curried mayo pork bites
    • Bite-size fun that packs a punch, tossed with masala spice mix and drizzled with curried mayonnaise, perfect for popping with a game on screen
  • Chicken tandoori skewers
    • Tuck into juicy grilled chicken chunks skewered with red onion and charred bell peppers
  • Chiptease (V)
    • These golden chips are tossed with our house blend of spices. dunk into the jalapeño cheese dip for the extra compa!
  • Amigo nachos
    • Its mexican crunch time! Enjoy corn chips loaded with homemade chilli beef, baked with mozzarella, dip into accompanying guacamole and cheese for an extra punch
  • Triple sausage platter
    • Succulent chicken cheese sausage, spicy chicken sausage and italian pork chipotle served with sauerkraut and onion rings
  • The harry's seven
    • A platter that will flatter: harry's signature wings, chicken satay, spicy chicken sausage, otah toasties, onion rings, fish cracklings and crisp
  • Charcuterie & cheese board
    • The classic pairing of coppe ham and cheese, served alongside charcoal ciabatta and dried fruits, best companions to you favourite wines!
  • Hearty flavours
  • -Grilled chicken
  • Mushroom & truffle oil (V)
    • Crisp flatbread with aromatic garlic mayonnaise, field mushrooms and a drizzle of truffle oil for a pleaning earthiness
  • Sriracha seafood
    • Sriracha based flatbread topped with prawns and squid wings for a delicious treat
  • Cheeky tikka
    • An inspiration using south asian flavours: crisp tomato-based flatbread topped with charred bell peppers
  • Ham-some harry
    • Easy on the eyes pleasing on the palate, enjoy this tomato based flatbread with honey ham and coppe ham
  • Classy margherita (V)
    • A timeless combination of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and rocket leaves for a simple indulgence
  • ●Crave for more? Add these well-loved flavours to your favorite flatbread
  • -Pepperoni
  • -Smoked salmon
  • -Tiger prawns
  • -Italian pork chipotle
  • -Spicy chicken sausage
  • -Crispy calamari
  • -Honey ham
  • Simple delights
  • -Button mushrooms
  • -Black olives
  • -Bell peppers
  • -Pine beans
  • -Hard-boiled egg
  • -Jalapeño
  • -Parmesan cheese
  • -Rocket leaves
  • Slow braised beef cheeks
    • Seck comfort in these braised beef cheeks: slow cooked until tender and contrasted with crisp onion rings, served with fine beans on a bed of creamy mash
  • Basque chicken & raisin pilaf
    • A mediterranean inspired combination of basque cornish chicken with rosemary and raisin pilaf rice
  • Harry's beef battered fish & chips
    • A cheeky twist that you'll love - halibut fillet coated with our harry's premium lager batter, accompanied by mushy peas, raisin coleslaw and chips
  • Steak & egg
    • Some days are meant for a gratifying 250g grilled striploin lavished with our homemade steak sauce and accompanied with sunny side up chips and coleslaw
  • Grilled tuna steak
    • Served with aromatic tomato sauce, black olives, bell peppers and creamy mash
  • Smoked salmon caesar
    • We toss fresh salmon slices and charcoal croutons in the classic caesar combination, then top it with fish cracklings for good measure
  • Grilled chicken salad
    • House salad of grilled chicken fillet tossed with raisin quinoa, bell peppers, fine beans and dried apricot, then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil
  • Cold soba summer salad (V)
    • A go-to rest when the sun is hot and days are long, chilled soba noodles with breaded mushrooms, radish, carrot, corn and a dash of truffle oil
  • Chicken masala
    • Devour the flavoured tandoori chicken masala served with toasted charcoal bread to soak up all that rich spiced gravy
  • Dry-rubbed baby back ribs
  • Baby back ribs infused with barbecue sauce, dry rubbed with our house blend of spices and slow cooked till tender
  • Crabmeat spaghettini
    • A perfected recipe of tomato.based pasta simmered with crabmeat chunks, garnished with rocket leaves and roasted pine nuts
  • Creamy chicken carbonara
    • Comfort food the soul: creamy spaghetti tossed with sauteed chicken chunks and fresh field mushrooms
  • Pepperoni bolognese
    • Mamma mia! shell pasta cooked with scrumptious homemade meat ragout and pepperoni
  • Prawn star pasta
    • Juicy tiger prawns tossed with al dente spaghettini with fresh chilli and aromatic crustaceans-infused oil the topped of with japanese seaweed
  • Caprese pasta (V)
    • Shell pasta sauteed with white buttons mushrooms and basil leaves, a simple and aromatic treat perfect for every occasion
  • Harry's jaxx burger
    • Angus beef patty layered with crispy bacon, beetroot relish, field mushrooms, tomatoes and mixed greens, topped with cheese and jalapeño cheese sauce
  • Kimchi chicken burger
    • Enjoy the fusion flavours of ultra-crisp chicken fillet with kimchi-siew and landings of spicy tomato sauce between the buns, accompanied with chips
  • Fillet o' harry
    • Nachos breaded halibut fillet topped with jalapeño cheese sauce and tartar sauce, held together between toasted burger buns, served with chips and kimchi slaw
  • Harry's signature club
    • A towering treat of roasted chicken sandwich with the full works: roast chicken slices layered with fried egg, bacon, tomatoes and mixed greens between brioche slices, served with chips and kimchi-slaw
  • ●No carbs? no problem
  • Skinny jazz burger
    • A twist on our harry's jazz burger - angus beef with extra greens and mushrooms, bacon, beetroot relish, cheese slice, and kimchi slow on the side
  • Skinny kimchi chicken burger
    • Our kimchi burger with extra greens to accompany the ultra-crisp breaded chicken fillet with kimchi slaw and lashings of spicy tomato sauce
  • Skinny fillet o' harry
    • Nachos-breaded halibut fillet topped with jalapeño cheese sauce and tangy tartar sauce, served with extra greens and kimchi-slaw
  • Sticky date toffee pudding
    • What's more comforting than a warm, sweet date pudding with toffee sauce, served alongside drizzled vanilla ice cream?
  • Adult cheesecake sundae
    • A cheeky twist on everyone's favourite dessert with cheesecake and half a shot of baileys on the side
  • Baked chocolate
    • Rum-spiked baked chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry bits

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