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Creative Delight in Punggol has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as V = Vegetarian selection or Steamed prawn dumplings with spinach from Dolce Vita. Gurney Drive offers many options including Claypot Assam Curry Fish Head and Claypot Assam Curry Seafood. Cocobolo poolside bar + grill includes a wide range like Caesar Salad or Mozzarella Cheese & Pesto Salad. Naan and Fried Chicken Broast Biryani (2pcs Chicken) from . Bismillah BIRYANI offers Kim's Place Seafood Restaurant and Kim’s Famous Hokkien Mee.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • The petite plate $14.00
    • eggs of your choice*,toast of your choice, choice of: crispy bacon / sundried tomato sausage / smoked salmon/ sauteed button mushrooms. sunny side up, poached or scrambled sourdough, rosemary focaccia, wholemeal bread.
  • Tuesday
  • Mango berries yoghurt bowl (v) $10.00
    • raw honey, mango,fresh berries, toasted coconut, superfood granola: chia seeds, oats, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cramberries
  • Portobello beef burger $17.00
    • lean beef patty, onion Marmalata, wholegrain mustard, mayo, arugula leaves, tomatoes, spinach brioche
  • - choice of crispy bacon/ smoked salmon/ sauteed baby spinach
  • (V) make it vegetarian (but not GF): replace eggs with housemade cauliflower quinoa chia seed patties, strawberry chilli jam
  • - chicken noodle (c)
  • - chicken mushroom miso chowder (gf) (df) L10.00 $ /S 6.00 $
  • Korean Peach Juice $4.00
    • Korean fruit drink with pulp.
  • 6pcs Wings + 2pcs Fried Mandu and 1 Can Drink $12.00
  • Turf Duo Sliders (2 Pcs) $9.90
  • Kimchi Jjigae $15.90
    • Kimchi in a pot with prawns, squids, mandu, tofu, sliced onion, leek and garlic.
  • Boneless Small (10 Pcs) $12.90
  • Cheese Ramyeon $9.90
    • Non spicy Korean noodle in cheese flavoured broth with onion and leek.
  • Samgyetang $29.90
    • Consist mainly of chicken, ginseng, rice and red dates.
  • Coke $2.50
  • Fried Rice with Salted Fish $0.00
  • Imperial Abalone Treasure Yu Sheng 贵妃鲍风生水起鱼生 (For 4-6 Pax) $19.80
  • Coffee Pork Rid 咖啡排骨 $12.90
  • Stir Fried French Bean with Dried Shrimp $0.00
  • Stir Fried Asparagus with XO Sauce $0.00
  • Sprite $4.06
  • Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce $0.00
  • Broccoli $0.00
  • V5 Ginger and Spring Onion Venison 姜葱鹿肉 $14.77
  • BH3 Singaporean Style Vermicelli 新州炒米粉 $5.35
  • Pk4 Traditional Pork Ribs 传统排骨王 $13.70
  • E2 Shrimp Omelette 虾仁蛋 $8.35
  • CR3 Chilli Crab 辣椒螃蟹 (900g) (Spicy) (龍) $81.86
  • B1 Deep Fried Beancurd 脆皮豆腐 (龍) $11.56
  • FH2 Seabass 金目鲈 (700g) $44.94
    • Steamed cooking style: chye poh steamed 菜脯蒸 (龍), Hong Kong steamed 香港蒸 (龍), teochew steamed 潮州蒸, assam steamed 亚叁蒸 (spicy) (龍), garlic steamed 蒜蓉蒸, XO sauce steamed XO酱蒸 (spicy) (龍), fried cooking style: deep fried 油炸, sambal fried 三岜 (spicy), sweet and sour 酸甜, crispy milk granules fried 奶沙炸 (spicy) (龍).
  • P4 Oatmeal Cereal 香爆麦片 $20.12
    • Prawns 虾 or shrimps 虾球.
  • Exclusive available at marina bay and resorts world sentosa
  • Oriental Wontons with Black Vinegar & Chilli Oil
    • Oriental Wontons with Black Vinegar & Chilli OilSavour this piquant dish of delicately wrapped wontons in a distinctly flavourful mix of vinegar and chilli oil.
  • Noodle with Minced Pork in Bean Sauce
    • Noodle with Minced Pork in Bean SauceHandmade noodles cooked to a pleasantly springy consistency tossed with minced pork in bean sauce, makes this a satisfying meal.
  • Steamed Angled Gourd & Shrimp Dumplings
    • Steamed Angled Gourd & Shrimp DumplingsCombining crunchy angled gourds, bamboo shoots and fresh prawns, the Steamed Angled Gourd & Shrimp Dumplings is an inspired creation. Packed with goodness, the health and beauty conscious will take pleasure in the whitening benefits of angled gourd and Vitamin E-rich bamboo shoot.
  • Steamed Pork Dumplings
    • Steamed Pork DumplingsSteamed pork dumplings or xiao long baos traditionally contain minced pork wrapped in a delicate dough skin, which is then pleated, twisted at the top and steamed. Din Tai Fung’s signature rendition consists of juicy meat filling wrapped in a melt-in-your-mouth skin with a minimum of 18 exquisite folds.
  • Soy Marinated Shanghainese Smoked Fish
    • Soy Marinated Shanghainese Smoked FishWith every slice cut to precision, this leather jacket aquatic delicacy is served with Taiwan imported soy sauce which boosts a rich blend of flavours. With the rich aroma from the rice wine marination, its bound to whet your appetite.
  • Deep-fried Specially Marinated Pork Chop
    • Deep-fried Specially Marinated Pork Chop Munch away on this scrumptious dish of deeply marinated pork chop, which is deep-fried to perfection. The meat is juicy and tender, making for a wholesome gastronomic experience at Din Tai Fung.
  • Steamed Truffle & Pork Dumplings
    • Truffle Xiao Long BaoA modern rendition of our classic award winning Xiao Long Bao, the premium Steamed Truffle & Pork Dumplings features finest black truffles with fresh pork wrapped in delicate skin. Savour the robust flavours of the luscious ingredients and rich broth in lavish servings.
  • Cheesy BBQ meltz
  • Cheesy BBQ meltz hearty variety box $26.90
    • For 3
  • 8 Pcs cheese poppers $6.00
    • 8 Pcs
  • 12 Pcs all-chicken bucket $31.00
    • 12 pcs
  • ●Promotions
  • Pockett bandito hearty variety box $26.90
    • For 3
  • Sweet mustard sauce $0.30
  • Popcorn chicken $4.50
  • Sauteed crab meat with sweet gourd & homemade tofu
  • Mongolian pork ribs (boneless)
  • Stir fried lotus root with macadamia nut
  • Chinese spinach in superior stock
  • Stir fried lotus root with macadamia nut
  • Stewed Ee-fu noodle with conpoy & golden mushroom
  • Fish maw thick soup with seafood
  • Mongolian spare ribs
  • Best Fish & Chips [Petite] $12.59
    • The best fish and chips in town. Need we say more?
  • Singapore Fish & Chips $20.28
    • Crispy fish and chips accompanied with savoury homemade chilli crab sauce. Shiok lah!
  • Paella Rice $5.30
    • Flavourful and fragrant paella rice dancing in a saute of aromatics, enjoy!
  • Seasonal Vegetable (Baked Cauliflower) $5.30
    • Oven-baked amongst cheese and cream sauce, with a tinge of paprika spices and finished off with pesto dressing – a wholesome side to complete a wholesome meal.
  • Sprite (320ml Can) $4.17
  • Salmon with Cirtrus Crust $23.49
    • Fresh salmon slabs with unique citrus-crusted recipe well-liked by many.
  • Coca Cola (320ml Can) $4.17
  • Grilled Peri-Peri White Fish $21.35
    • Get fiesty with a grilled white fish lavished with our homemade Peri-Peri sauce.
  • Banana crumble
    • Banana crumble on a sizzling skillet with caramelized fresh banana slices and old fashioned vanilla ice cream topped with butterscotch cream sauce. not available at changi airport t2 outlet
  • Sirloin steak
    • Grilled sirloin steak with choice of BBQ sambal of black pepper sauce, served with U.S. potatoes and vegetable-of-the-day
  • Excluding soups, sides and salads
  • A la carte
  • Claypot spicy laksa
    • Savor this hot and spicy local favorite, bee hoon in coconut gravy served with king prawns, egg, sliced chicken and dried beancurd
  • Milo ice-cream dirt pot
    • Includes pot & spade
  • Durian supreme
    • Generous scoops of durian ice cream accompanied with chewy attap seeds and crunchy almonds
  • Beef and rice
    • Grilled beef and mushrooms served on a bed of rice
Creative Delight

Creative Delight



612 Punggol Drive, #01-02 820612








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9:50 AM a 10:10 AM (Seg),10 AM a 8 PM (Ter-Dom)
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612 Punggol Drive, #01-02 820612
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