Five Foot Way Coffee & Juice Bar in Singapore Menu

Five Foot Way Coffee & Juice Bar in Singapore has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as 1/4 Chicken with 2 Regular Sides + 1 Coca-Cola Classic Can or 1/2 Chicken with 2 Regular Sides + 1 Coca-Cola Classic Can from Nando's, Nex Serangoon. Keisuke Gyoza King offers many options including Gyoza Set Meal and Keisuke Green Tea Cola. Thyme at Rochester includes a wide range like Toasted Pita Bread with Dips (V) or House Meatballs with Pomodoro. Nyonya Mee Siam and Nasi Lemak from . Teck Neo Pineapple Tarts offers Ishinomaki Grill & Sake and Edamame.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Tempura Soft Shell Crab + Chawan Mushi $14.90
  • Deep Fried Dumpling with Rice, Egg & Vegetable $4.50
  • Spaghetti & Ebi Fried with Homemade Tomato Sauce $10.90
    • Fresh tomatoes which are rich in flavor and pureed to the right composition are used. Sautéed with a little olive oil, onion and garlic. Simmered until it loses its raw flavor, and seasoned with basil, oregano, parsley, black pepper and salt. This delightful homemade sauce is then sweated with spaghetti, button mushrooms and topped with generous helping of grated parmesan cheese and golden brown ebi fried. Voila!
  • Chicken Teriyaki + Tempura Soft Shell Crab $19.90
  • Rice $1.10
  • Curry Potato Samosa (6pcs) $4.20
  • Deep Fried Chicken with Rice, Egg & Vegetable $4.50
  • Steamed Dumplings $6.30
  • Fresh Lemon Tea $3.85
  • Oldtown Ginger Chicken Steamed Rice $11.98
  • Oldtown White Coffee $2.78
  • Nasi Lemak with Sambal Prawn $14.87
  • Signature Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken Rice $14.66
  • Oldtown Rendang Chicken $8.88
  • Classic Mee Hoon with Dry Curry Chicken $13.80
  • Tom Yum Mee Hoon with Dry Curry Chicken $13.80
  • Aglio olio with bacon $12.50
    • Spicy
  • Spicy tuna & cheese $3.60
  • Singapore fried bee hoon $8.50
  • Spaghetti with ham $9.80
    • In homemade tomato sauce
  • Bacon $3.60
  • ●Stir-fired noodle
  • Grilled fish dory $9.80
  • Vegetarian hor fun / bee hoon / mee $7.80
  • Homemade Iced Tea $5.20
  • Apple Tart $14.85
  • Mövenpick Champagne Exclusive! Champagne Premier Cru Brut by Frederic Maletrez (France) $104.85
  • Prosciutto $28.75
    • With wild rocket leaves and shaved parmesan.
  • White Pizza w/o Tomato - Norwegian Smoked Salmon $28.75
  • Smoked Duck Breast Pizza, Roasted Chicken Crepe, Lemonade (Regular Size) X 2 Cups $48.00
  • Chardonnay Twin Oaks California Robert Mondavi (USA) $86.65
  • Smoked Duck Breast $27.70
    • With hoisin sauce, spring onion, red chilli and celery.
  • Swensen's sunrise omelette
    • Indulge in a perfectly moist omelette mixed with diced tomatoes and herbs, served with baked honey butter cream ciabatta rolls, cheesy sausages, buttered potatoes and creamy mushrooms
  • Mozzarella cheese sticks
    • Chunks of rich golden fried mozzarella cheese sticks
  • -Adult
  • Topless 5
    • A sampling five ice cream flavors of your choice, presented topples for you pleasure
  • Classic french toast with honey buttercream
    • Two thickly sliced japanese bread grilled to golden brown perfection with homemade honey butter cream, served with cheesy sausages, buttered potatoes and creamy mushrooms
  • Caesar salad with prawns
    • Savor the fresh sweetness of prawns tossed with crisp romaine lettuce, juicy tomato strips and green peppers adorned with a tasty medley of eggs and cheese croutons
  • -U.p
  • Chick and rice
    • Grilled chicken and teriyaki sauce served on a bed of rice
  • Risoles $7.30
    • Breadcrumbs-rolled croquette.
  • Sop Buntut $16.80
    • One of the best Oxtail Soup in Indonesia.
  • Cumi Balado $17.80
    • Our tasty sweet and spicy squid.
  • Ayam Panggang Padang $9.80
    • Grilled chicken dipped in Padang-style sauce.
  • Tempe Goreng $5.80
    • Fried tempe.
  • Kentang Kacang $5.80
    • Crispy potato chips mixed with peanut and glazed in honey.
  • Ayam Goreng Kremes $10.80
    • Spice marinated fried chicken served with tofu and tempe.
  • Crackers $3.80
    • A basketful of popular Indonesian crackers.
  • Tuna $10.10
    • Dolphin-safe tuna and creamy mayonnaise is lovingly blended together to make one of the world’s favorite comfort foods.
  • Steak and Cheese $11.20
    • Delight your tastebuds with mouth-watering slices of tender steak with green peppers and onions topped with melted cheese.
  • Chicken Teriyaki $10.50
    • An Asian classic, is made with tender chicken pieces dressed lightly with teriyaki sauce, served hot and topped with your choice of fresh vegetables and condiments.
  • Italian B.M.T.™ $7.30
    • An old world favourite made up of sliced beef salami, beef pepperoni and chicken ham.
  • Chicken Teriyaki $11.60
    • An Asian classic, is made with tender chicken pieces dressed lightly with teriyaki sauce, served hot and topped with your choice of fresh vegetables and condiments.
  • Lays Classic Chips $2.00
  • Chicken Ham $9.50
    • Lean and tender sliced chicken ham with your choice of crisp vegetables and condiments.
  • Roasted Chicken $10.50
    • Feel peckish for chicken? Then try our oven roasted chicken breast. A tender, boneless chicken breast patty roasted to perfection, with your choice of fresh vegetables and condiments is served on freshly baked bread. Just like mom used to make.
  • 1/2 Spring Chicken Meal $8.30
  • Potato Fries $3.10
  • Coke Can $2.50
  • 2 Pieces Chicken Meal $7.30
  • Chicken Popcorn $5.20
  • Spiral Fries $3.60
  • Gravy Add-On $1.28
  • Couple Meal $23.10
    • 5pcs of crispy fried chicken served with 1 potato fries, 1 coleslaw or mashed potato, 2 buns.
  • Deep Fried Handmade Tofu with Water Chestnuts & Mushrooms
    • Deep Fried Handmade Tofu with Water Chestnuts & Mushrooms Filled with a generous dose of mushrooms, carrots, water chestnuts, parsley and fungus, these golden tofu squares are best paired with the specially concocted dipping sauce of chilli and Chinese coriander.
  • Steamed Red Bean Paste Buns
    • Steamed Red Bean Paste BunsUsing finest red bean paste stuffed into a steaming hot bun. A delightful treat for the sweet tooth.
  • Oriental Wontons with Black Vinegar & Chilli Oil
    • Oriental Wontons with Black Vinegar & Chilli OilSavour this piquant dish of delicately wrapped wontons in a distinctly flavourful mix of vinegar and chilli oil.
  • Soy Marinated Shanghainese Smoked Fish
    • Soy Marinated Shanghainese Smoked FishWith every slice cut to precision, this leather jacket aquatic delicacy is served with Taiwan imported soy sauce which boosts a rich blend of flavours. With the rich aroma from the rice wine marination, its bound to whet your appetite.
  • Steamed Vegetable & Pork Dumplings
    • Steamed Vegetable & Pork Dumplings Delicately handmade with precision, Din Tai Fung’s Steamed Vegetable & Pork Dumplings are juicy with delectable delights of savoury premium meat and fragrant Chinese cabbage.
  • Steamed Custard Buns
    • Steamed Custard BunsA hot favourite amongst our steamed snacks, a slight peel to the soft, fluffy bun,gives way to a smooth and creamy flow of salted egg yolk goodness. Let the sweet and savoury golden lava filling glaze your palate with its rich smooth texture.
  • Exclusive available at marina bay and resorts world sentosa
  • Fried Rice with Shrimps & Eggs
    • Fried Rice with Shrimps & Eggs An extremely popular dish, the ingredients are pared down to simple rice, shrimps, eggs, and spring onions, creating a taste of familiar comfort. Each plate is of a certain weight and minimal seasoning is used so that the natural fragrance of the eggs and spring onions shines through.
  • Japanese Brown Sugar Sponge Cake (3 Pieces) 日本冲绳黑糖松糕 $7.70
  • Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng 乐天鲍鱼捞生 $104.86
  • Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo 杨枝甘露 $8.35
    • Per person.
  • Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng 乐天鲑鱼捞生 $72.76
  • Sautéed Sliced Beef in Satay Sauce 沙爹酱炒牛肉 $32.10
  • Prosperity Teochew Style Yu Sheng 乐天潮洲捞生 $72.76
  • Sautéed Chicken Fillet and Cashew Nut with Szechuan Peppercorn 腰果川椒鸡 $27.82
  • Stewed Duck with Yam in Casserole 潮式芋头焖鸭煲 $49.22
  • Wasabi Fried Fish $10.90
  • Chicken Patty $5.00
  • Dry Aged Patty $7.00
  • Avocado $1.80
  • Truffle Mushroom Beef $10.90
  • Truffled Pasta $2.90
  • Miso Tofu Veggie $9.90
  • Chipotle Aioli $1.80
  • Crispy wasabi-aioli prawns with fresh mango and fish roe
  • Fragrant lotus chicken and wild rice dumplings
  • Deep fried escargot dumplings
  • Wafer-wrapped cod fillet with black pepper
  • Ying yang black sesame fried rice
  • Cantonese style roasted pork belly
  • Casserole of braised beef tendon and brisket with daikon
  • Wok fried seasonal vegetables and fresh mushrooms in XO sauce
  • Signature Barossa Ribs (Full) $47.08
    • Juicy oven roasted ribs with Barossa’s signature honey BBQ sauce served with grilled corn on cob and mixed salad.
  • Spicy Seafood Marinara $27.82
    • Choice of pasta, prawn, mussel, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese.
  • Grilled Chorizo Sausage $12.84
    • With bourbon mustard sauce.
  • Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio $26.75
    • Choice of pasta, garlic, pepperoncino, mushroom, crustacean oil.
  • Grilled Caesar Salad $20.33
    • Charred cos lettuce, smoked chicken, crispy bacon, quail egg, vine tomato, shaved parmesan cheese, anchovy aioli.
  • Bbq Pulled Pork $25.68
    • Slowed cooked pork shoulder cooked in hickory smoked BBQ sauce, fresh tomato, herb tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese.
  • Grass-fed Australia Warrnambool Ribeye Steak (250g) $36.38
    • Served with locally grown mixed salad, 1 choice of sauce, 1 choice of side.
  • Hawaiian Chicken $24.61
    • Smoked chicken, pineapple, fresh tomato, herb tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, house cheese sauce.
  • Australia abalone Kolomee $22.00
  • Char Siew Sauce Kolomee $6.50
  • Sweet Soy Sauce Kolomee $6.50
  • Original Kolomee $6.50
  • Mutton Jalfrezi $15.50
    • An assortment of fresh mutton cubes, stir fried in spicy gravy and served hot.
  • Iced Coffee $4.50
  • Aloo Chat $5.50
    • Sliced potatoes with tangy mangy spices served in spicy sauces, topped with chat masala.
  • Keema Mattar $14.50
    • Minced meat cooked with green peas served spicy.
  • Green Salad $5.00
    • Fresh cucumber, onion & tomatoes, green chilli.
  • Lahori Fish $10.50
    • Deep fried boneless fish marinated with special spices.
  • Mutton Kofta $15.50
    • Finely minced lamb kebab's blended with hot bengal spices & served in an oriented sauce.
  • Fish & Chips $9.00
    • Marinated fish, deep fried and served with potato chips.
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