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Ann Western Food in Toa Payoh has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Spring Chicken with Fries and Coleslaw or Chicken Cutlet with fries and coleslaw from Penang Culture. Quentin's Eurasian Restaurant offers many options including Fried Devilled Wings and Meaty Cutlets. Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe includes a wide range like 1617D Char Siew Baked Rice with Luncheon Meat Bento Set + Canned Drink 叉烧焗饭午餐肉便当 + 罐装饮料 or 1618D Creamy Pork Chop Spaghetti with Luncheon Meat Bento Set + Canned Drink 猪扒奶白汁意面午餐肉便当 + 罐装饮料. Wow! take-away and Cheesy 7 pair deal from . Pizza Hut offers Old Chang Kee and Spring'O.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Deep Fried Tofu with Thai Chili Sauce $5.00
  • Basil Seafood Rice with Fried Egg $10.80
  • Beansprout with Minced Pork $8.00
  • Fried Olive Rice $8.00
  • Fried Kway Teow with Chicken $8.00
  • Sweet and Sour Prawn $20.00
  • Stir Fry Kangkong with Garlic $8.00
  • Phad Thai with Chicken $7.50
  • Fried Sliced Chicken with Mushroom (Small) $10.70
  • Sambal Kang Kong (Large) $16.05
  • Beancurd with Prawn (Large) $27.82
  • Deep Fried Big Prawns (Medium) $42.80
  • Spring Onions Sliced Toman Fish (Large) $25.68
  • Fried Sliced Chicken with Mushroom (Medium) $16.05
  • Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce (Small) $9.63
  • Salted Vegetable & Toufu Soup (Small) $8.56
  • Jack’s Oriental Skinny Wings with Ebiko Dip (per half dozen) $9.80
    • Half-cut mid-wings to a skinny version, coated with our JP’s special seasoning and deep-fried till golden brown. Served with home-made ebiko dips & vegetable crudités
  • Curly Truffle Fries Topped with Parmesan Cheese $10.80
  • Dirty Hand’s Spicy Buffalo Wings (per half dozen) $9.50
    • Spicy buffalo wings marinated with our very own Jack’s Place seasoning. The deep fried and coated with bbq-cayenne pepper hot sauce and served with vegetable crudités & dips
  • “Old Fashioned” Grilled Chicken Steak $15.80
    • Grilled tender chicken served with baked potato & topped with rich brown sauce
  • Caesar Salad with Breaded Cajun Chicken $11.00
    • A delicious mix of tossed assorted lettuce with Caesar dressing, topped with garlic-herb croutons & breaded chicken slices
  • Mushrooms with Slipper Lobster & Crab Meat $12.00
    • Fresh button mushrooms stuffed with a blend of slipper lobster & crabmeat, topped with cheese & baked to perfection. Accompanied with mesclun salad
  • Choco Peanut Butter $13.50
    • Decadent treat! Three scoops, Chocolatey Kit Kat, Peanut Butter Crunch and Snickers Mars, Honeycomb Vanilla, drizzled with crunchy chocolate and caramel sauce with oreos, digestives and chocolate shavings, whipped cream and cigar cone
  • Cookie Wookie $13.50
    • Cookie Monster! Three scoops: Snickers Mars, Honeycomb Vanilla, Cookies & Cream and Horlicks Balls, with crunchy caramel biscuits, digestives and oreos, layered with crunchy chocolate and caramel sauce, topped with whipped cream and a cigar cone.
  • Onion Egg $4.00
  • Fried Beancurd $3.00
  • Thai Style Jellyfish $5.00
  • Minced Meat Egg $4.00
  • A1 Buddha Porridge $4.30
  • Rice $0.70
  • P6 Pork Ball Porridge $4.80
  • Salted Egg $1.00
  • Vegetable Omelette (V) $13.50
  • Red Tom Yam Chicken Noodle (Spicy) $13.90
  • Phad Thai Chicken Noodle (Recommended) $11.90
  • Union & Ginger Pork $13.90
  • Sambal Season Bean (Spicy) $13.50
  • Basil Minced Pork (Recommended) (Spicy) $13.90
  • Sliced Fish with Sweet & Sour $15.00
  • Lime juice $4.00
  • Soybean Paste Soup $13.80
    • Prawn meat, whole mussel, clam, squid, zucchini, onion, beanspaste, enoki mushroom, tou gan.
  • Americano (Cold) $4.90
  • Seafood Pancake $14.80
    • Spring onion, baby octopus, prawn meat, pancake powder.
  • Americano (Hot) $3.90
  • Ginseng Chicken Soup $22.00
    • Spring chicken, red dates, ginseng, glutinous rice inside the chicken.
  • Japchae Pork $13.80
    • Glass noodles, carrots, mushroom, spring onion, onion, sesame oil, sesame seed, minced pork.
  • Fanta White Grapes (Can) $2.00
  • Mango Juice $3.80
  • Whipped Potato (Medium) $3.40
  • Signature Jalapeño Cheese Sauce $1.50
  • Original Recipe Chicken $3.55
  • $31.50
  • Nuggets (20 pcs) $12.00
  • Sjora Strawberry Kiwi (Medium) $3.80
  • Hot & Crispy Tenders (5 pcs) $6.80
  • Pepsi (Medium) $3.10
  • Steamed Assorted Mushroom Dumplings Infused with Truffle Oil
    • Steamed Assorted Mushroom Dumplings Infused with Truffle OilFeatures 4 delicious mushrooms (Shimeiji, Shiitake, King Oyster, Golden Spring), tossed to fragrant perfection in truffle oil, this delicacy is suitable for our vegetarian friends.
  • Oriental Salad in Special Vinegar Dressing
    • Oriental Salad in Special Vinegar Dressing A perennially popular appetiser with a simple mix of julienne seaweed, bean sprouts, chilli, beancurd strips and rice vermicelli, tossed in a light, tangy dressing that boasts a myriad of flavours all in one serving.
  • Double-Boiled Papaya & Snow Fungus with Rock Sugar
    • Excellent for the complexion and balancing of the inner soul, this is a healing dessert that is perfect for rounding up a simple lunch or dinner.
  • Steamed Chinese Style Layer Cakes
    • Steamed Chinese Style Layer CakesThese traditional layer cakes yield softly as one bites into the pale yellow pillow. Its smooth and slightly sticky surface glides on the tongue, making for an irresistible afternoon tea snack.
  • Cantonese Sweet & Sour Pork
    • Cantonese Sweet & Sour PorkOriginated from Cantonese cuisine, this winning combination of bite sized pork nuggets coated in a tangy sweet and sour sauce has captured the appetitites of many.
  • Noodle with Spicy Sauce
    • Noodle with Spicy Sauce Another Din Tai Fung specialty noodle originally created for Thai taste buds, this noodle dish has found its way into the hearts and stomachs of Southeast Asian diners. There is just a hint of fragrant sweetness in the spicy sauce to complement the springy hand-cooked noodle.
  • Steamed Chicken Soup
    • Steamed Chicken Soup This superior Steamed Chicken Soup uses only specially selected premium fresh chicken to ensure the best quality for our customers. It is carefully simmered to perfection, over the span of six hours.
  • Soy Marinated Shanghainese Smoked Fish
    • Soy Marinated Shanghainese Smoked FishWith every slice cut to precision, this leather jacket aquatic delicacy is served with Taiwan imported soy sauce which boosts a rich blend of flavours. With the rich aroma from the rice wine marination, its bound to whet your appetite.
  • Garlic bread
    • Oven-baked sesame seed bun with hit buttery garkic spread.
  • -Chicken supreme
    • Sink your teeth into a generous spread of savoury chicken ham, spicy chicken chunks, roasted chicken, topped with onions, capsicums and mushrooms
  • Chicken pomodoro
    • Linguine, spicy chicken chunks, onions and fresh button mushrooms, tossed in a tangy tomato sauce
  • -The four cheese
    • Send your tastebuds into a cheesy frenzy with a divine combination of 4 cheeses - mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar and cream cheese.
  • Truffle mushroom
    • A savoury combination of flavourful chicken ham, turkey bacon, fresh button mushrooms and penne covered in a truffle flavoured cream sauce.
  • 10 Pcs honey roasted wings
    • Juicy mid-joint wings coated with sweet honey and roasted to golden brown perfection. (Not applicable for wings wednesday weekday specials).
  • Wow! take-away
    • Now you can indulge in our pizzas for as low as $5 anytime, any day! Thats´s not all. You get to chouse from our 17 delicious pizza flavours toppings!
  • Party deal
    • 3 large pan/hst pizzas (fav/classic), 10pcs sweet and spicy drumlets, 2 garlic breads
  • Pitan Tofu $5.14
    • Century egg beancurd.
  • Ninniku Chahan $5.14
    • Garlic fried rice.
  • Gindara Tempura Bento $19.05
    • Grilled cod fish with teriyaki sauce & mixed tempura.
  • Buta Kakuni Tempura Bento $19.05
    • Japanese braised pork set with mixed tempura.
  • Pumpkin Croquette (3 Pieces) $5.14
  • Ebi Tempura Maki (8 Pieces) $9.42
    • Deep fried prawn roll.
  • Tebasaki (Set of 2) $7.28
    • Chicken wing.
  • Tonkotsu Ramen $10.49
    • Ramen soup base.
  • Kai lan
  • Gui ling gao
  • You tiao
  • Tang oh
  • Pig´s stomach soup
  • Tau pok
  • Almond longan
  • Preserved vegatable
  • MOS Burger $3.55
  • Hokkaido Croquette Burger $2.65
  • MOS Chicken $2.90
  • Tsukune Rice Burger $3.90
  • Premium Yakitori Rice Burger $4.25
  • -With cheese $5.15
  • •Choose your burger
  • Egg Salad Burger $2.20
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