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Cake History in Toa Payoh has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Pain Au Levain or Ham Cheese Croissant from Baker and cook. Old Bibik's Peranakan Kitchen offers many options including Crispy Wings (9pcs) and Seafood Roll. Jack's Place includes a wide range like * Silver Fern Farms – New Zealand Tenderloin & Eye Fillet (60 Days Aging) or ** Fully trimmed fillet with no fa. Bruschetta (4 pieces) and Prosciutto di Parma con Melone from . Bel Mondo offers Pepper Lunch and The giant.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Tom Yam Soup (Clear Style) with Seafood $9.00
  • Deep Fried Chicken with Honey Sauce $9.00
  • Bottled Water $2.00
  • Stir Fry Kangkong with Garlic $8.00
  • Tang Hoon Seafood Salad $10.00
  • Sweet and Sour Squid $20.00
  • Deep Fried Luncheon Meat $5.00
  • Steam Seabass with Thai Lime Sauce $25.50
  • Deep Friend Big Prawns (Small) $32.10
  • Deep Fried Sliced Chicken with Oat (Small) $16.05
  • Honeyed Pork Ribs (Medium) $17.12
  • Yang Chow Fried Rice (Medium) $12.84
  • 3 Types of Eggs with Chinese Spinach (Small) $10.70
  • Sliced Fish Bee Hoon (Medium) $12.84
  • Fried Slice Chicken with Spices (Small) $10.70
  • Braised Beancurd (Large) $19.26
  • Dark Chocolate Tart with Wild Berries Compote $9.90
    • Dark Chocolate Ganache Praline Croquant served with wild berries compote
  • Nacho Chips $5.80
  • Sambal Steak $29.50
    • A local twist – tenderloin topped with spicy sambal sauce
  • Red Raspberry Velvet & Chocolate Gateau $7.90
    • The tangy sweetness of this dessert is sure to delight and excite your taste buds fr
  • Mango Passion $7.90
    • A refreshing combination of mango mousse accompanied with mango passion curd and crunchy pearls
  • Classic Twist Fruity Prawn Delight $10.90
    • A fruity mixture with mango served with fresh prawns tossed in cocktail sauce & garden salad
  • * Silver Fern Farms – New Zealand Tenderloin & Eye Fillet (60 Days Aging)
  • * Served with a choice of Thousand Island, French or Italian Dressing unless otherwise stated
  • Green Bean Soup $1.50
  • F2 Fish with Mixed Pork Porridge $4.80
  • C5 Century Egg Sliced Pork Porridge $4.80
  • Preserved Vegetable Egg $4.00
  • Mee Siam $3.30
  • B1 Cuttlefish Porridge $4.30
  • Prawn Kway Teow Noodle Soup $4.30
  • Curry + Prata $6.30
  • Seafood Fried Rice $10.50
  • Fanta Orange $3.00
  • Vita Milk $3.00
  • Mineral Water (Bottle) $2.90
  • Red Tom Yam Prawn Soup (Spicy) $16.00
  • Thai Style Seafood Tofu (Spicy/Non Spicy) $13.50
  • Sprite $3.00
  • Creamy Butter Prawn $24.00
  • Spicy Fish Soup $13.80
    • Zucchini, onion, dory fish(fillet), tou gan.
  • Vanilla Latte (Cold) $4.90
  • Hite Beer (Small) $8.00
  • Soybean Paste Soup $13.80
    • Prawn meat, whole mussel, clam, squid, zucchini, onion, beanspaste, enoki mushroom, tou gan.
  • Grilled Saba Fish Set Meal $13.80
    • Mackarel fish, lemon.
  • Mango Bingsu $13.80
  • Heaven & Earth Ice Lemon Tea (Can) $2.00
  • Tofu with Stir-fried Kimchi $14.80
    • Fried tofu, kimchi, pork belly.
  • Pepsi Black (Medium) $3.10
  • Nuggets (20 pcs) $12.00
  • Signature Jalapeño Cheese Sauce $1.50
  • Whipped Potato (Medium) $3.40
  • Hot & Crispy Tenders (5 pcs) $6.80
  • 2 pcs Chicken Meal $10.15
    • 2 pcs Chicken, 3 pcs Nuggets, 1 Side and 1 Drink
  • Zinger Meal $9.95
    • 1 Zinger, 3 pcs Nuggets, 1 Side and 1 Drink
  • Lipton Iced Tea (Medium) $3.80
  • Special Braised Beef Noodle Soup with Beef Brisket
    • Noodle with Spicy Sauce Succulent juicy meat with noodles immersed in a bowl of flavourful soup – indeed a hearty meal on its own.
  • Deep Fried Handmade Tofu with Water Chestnuts & Mushrooms
    • Deep Fried Handmade Tofu with Water Chestnuts & Mushrooms Filled with a generous dose of mushrooms, carrots, water chestnuts, parsley and fungus, these golden tofu squares are best paired with the specially concocted dipping sauce of chilli and Chinese coriander.
  • Crispy Chicken Wings Marinated in Shrimp Paste
    • Crispy Chicken Wings Marinated in Shrimp Paste Crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside, the intense savoury flavours of the prawn paste will leave you licking your fingers as you bite into the golden thin crust. One is never enough!
  • Noodle with Spicy Sauce
    • Noodle with Spicy Sauce Another Din Tai Fung specialty noodle originally created for Thai taste buds, this noodle dish has found its way into the hearts and stomachs of Southeast Asian diners. There is just a hint of fragrant sweetness in the spicy sauce to complement the springy hand-cooked noodle.
  • Steamed Chinese Style Layer Cakes
    • Steamed Chinese Style Layer CakesThese traditional layer cakes yield softly as one bites into the pale yellow pillow. Its smooth and slightly sticky surface glides on the tongue, making for an irresistible afternoon tea snack.
  • Soy Marinated Shanghainese Smoked Fish
    • Soy Marinated Shanghainese Smoked FishWith every slice cut to precision, this leather jacket aquatic delicacy is served with Taiwan imported soy sauce which boosts a rich blend of flavours. With the rich aroma from the rice wine marination, its bound to whet your appetite.
  • Noodle with Minced Pork in Bean Sauce
    • Noodle with Minced Pork in Bean SauceHandmade noodles cooked to a pleasantly springy consistency tossed with minced pork in bean sauce, makes this a satisfying meal.
  • Noodle Soup with Fried Pork Chop
    • Noodle Soup with Fried Pork Chop Our legendary noodles are featured here with our signature fried pork chop marinated with complex spices. A hearty yet wholesome twosome to slurp up with gusto.
  • Braised pig´s intestines
  • Braised pig´s trotter
  • Mushrooms soup
  • Pig´s liver soup
  • Dry bak kut teh
  • Preserved vegatable
  • Pork meat ball soup
  • Beancurd
  • Big cheesy box
    • 1 regular cheesy 7 pizza,1 pasta (choice of penne turkey bacon aglio olio, curry baked pasta, cheesy bolognaise baked penne or country pie),4pcs chicken tenders, 8pcs honey roasted wings,6pcs cinnamon breadsticks
  • Baked beef balls (tomato sauce)
    • Juicy beef balls with mozzarella, baked in a special blend of tomato sauce.
  • 6 Pcs spicy tangy
    • Crispy coated wings and drumlets, tossed in spicy tangy sauce that gives you a lip-numbing spicy kick.
  • -Veggie lover´s
    • Delightful combination of garden fresh mushrooms, onions, olives and capsicums, sweetened with pineapple chunks and diced tomatoes.
  • -Quattro cheese deluxe
    • Savoury chicken pepperoni baked on a bed of mozzarella, parmesan, cream cheese and cheddar, topped with turkey bacon and fresh rocket leaves.
  • Spicy chicken pomodoro
    • Linguine, spicy chicken chunks, onions, sliced chilli and fresh button mushrooms, tossed in a tangy tomato sauce.
  • -Seafood deluxe
    • Taste the freshness of the ocean in this combination of juicy prawns marinated in spices, succulent squid and tasty tuna
  • 6 Pcs sweet and spicy drumlets
    • Our house specials that´s sure winner! Juicy, tender drumlets marinated in new orleans spices. (Not applicable for wings wednesday weekday specials).
  • Pork Shogayaki Bento $13.70
    • Pan-fried sliced pork with shogayaki sauce.
  • Tebasaki Karaage (5 Pieces) $11.56
    • Deep fried chicken wing.
  • Tori Karaage (5 Pieces) $7.28
    • Deep fried chicken.
  • Kawaebi $10.49
    • Deep fried river shrimp.
  • Deep Fried Salmon Fin (5 Pieces) $12.63
  • Salmon Maki (6 Pieces) $7.28
    • Salmon roll.
  • Gindara Tempura Bento $19.05
    • Grilled cod fish with teriyaki sauce & mixed tempura.
  • Scallop (Set of 2) $7.28
  • Natsumi Chicken Teriyaki $3.50
  • Mussels Nuggets $3.70(4pcs)/$8.30(10pcs)
  • Morning Toast Plate $3.90
  • Yakiniku Rice Burger $3.90
  • MOS Chicken $2.90
  • Chicken Burger $3.45
  • Tsukune Rice Burger $3.90
  • Clam Chowder Soup $2.60
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