PP 881 Eating House in Toa Payoh Menu

PP 881 Eating House in Toa Payoh has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Creamy Omelette with Prawn or Creamy Omelette with Squid from Siam Square Mookata. Garang Grill by New Ubin Seafood offers many options including Pork Belly Char Siew and Pork Rendang. Koufu includes a wide range like Pig's Organ Soup 猪杂汤 or Spine Meat Soup 肉头汤. Continental and Croissant with scrambled eggs from . Rocky Master offers New REZKI Restaurant and Nasi Goreng Ayam / Daging.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Fried Rice with Chicken $6.80
  • Fish Maw Soup with Crab Meat and Quail Egg $16.00
  • Omelette with Minced Pork $8.00
  • Stir Fry Kangkong with Sambal $8.00
  • Stuffed Chicken Wing with Minced Chicken (3pcs) $9.00
  • Hor Fun $8.00
  • Stir Fry Vegetables with Egg Tofu and Minced Pork $8.00
  • Tofu Soup with Seafood $9.00
  • Cuttlefish with Salted Vegetables (Small) $13.91
  • Sliced Chicken with Salted Egg (Small) $16.05
  • Bean Sprouts with Bean Curd (Large) $16.05
  • Fried Sotong Fritters (Large) $17.12
  • Luo Han Zhai (Small) $9.63
  • Onion Omelette $10.70
  • Salted Bean Curd Kang Kong (Small) $9.63
  • Seafood Ee Fu Noodles (Large) $25.68
  • BBQ Chicken Steak with Grilled Pineapple $14.80
    • Pan grilled succulent chicken boneless leg with JP’s House Special BBQ sauce served with grilled sweet pineapple, tomato, crispy waffles fries & buttered seasonal vegetables
  • Jack’s Oriental Skinny Wings with Ebiko Dip (per half dozen) $9.80
    • Half-cut mid-wings to a skinny version, coated with our JP’s special seasoning and deep-fried till golden brown. Served with home-made ebiko dips & vegetable crudités
  • Jack’s Beef “Oriental Pappardelle” Kway Teow $13.80
    • Stir-fried kway teow, marinated beef & vegetables in oyster sauce
  • Cake Selection (per slice) $4.60
    • Choice of our house specials (mango mousse cake, chocolate mousse cake, American Cheesecake, black forest cake) or simply select from our extensive range at the cake counter
  • Jack’s Best Beef Stew in Trendy Mini Casseroles $18.00
    • A Jack’s Place traditional dish served with mashed potato & seasonal vegetables
  • Uncle Jack’s Special Spaghetti Bolognese $12.20
    • Traditional recipe of tomato sauce with minced beef – an all-time favourite
  • Sambal Steak $29.50
    • A local twist – tenderloin topped with spicy sambal sauce
  • The New Jack’s Cheese Fondue Sampler Platter $16.00
    • Includes tempura kani, oriental fried chicken wings, battered mushrooms crispy onion rings & cheesy fondue
  • Salted Fish w Bean Sprout $5.00
  • Abalone Fish Porridge $4.80
  • Prawn Noodle Soup $4.30
  • F1 Fish Porridge $4.30
  • A8 Pig Liver Soup $4.80
  • B1 Cuttlefish Porridge $4.30
  • Fried Whitebait Porridge $4.80
  • Prawn Kway Teow Soup $4.30
  • Steamed Squid with Lemon Garlic Sauce (Recommended) (Spicy) $38.00
  • Black Olive Fried Rice (Recommended) $10.50
  • Basil Minced Pork (Recommended) (Spicy) $13.90
  • Mango Milk Shake $6.00
  • Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab (Recommended) $26.00
  • Honey Chicken $13.90
  • Mix Platter Combo (Prawn Cake + Fish Cake + Stuffed Chicken, Spring Roll) (Recommended) $19.19
  • Vegetarian Noodle (Glass Noodle/Phad Tai) (V) $11.90
  • Coke Zero (Can) $2.00
  • Cappucino (Cold) $3.90
  • Grape Fruity Soju $18.00
  • Korean Oxtail Soup $18.80
    • Slice beef, white noodles, red dates, white leek.
  • Pork Kimchi Fried Rice $13.80
    • Rice, sautéed kimchi, fried egg, minced pork.
  • Soy Garlic Fried Chicken $18.80
    • Boneless chicken, frying powder, soy garlic sauce.
  • Sprite (Can) $2.00
  • Pink Guava Juice $3.80
  • Whipped Potato (Medium) $3.40
  • Zinger Meal $9.95
    • 1 Zinger, 3 pcs Nuggets, 1 Side and 1 Drink
  • $31.50
  • Lipton Iced Tea (Medium) $3.80
  • Pepsi (Medium) $3.10
  • Original Recipe Chicken $3.55
  • Zinger $5.30
  • 6pcs Chicken Feast 6 pcs Chicken (Original Recipe / Hot & Crispy), 1 Popcorn Chicken, 5 Hot & Crispy Tenders, 2 med Whipped Potato (U.P. $39.50)
    • SAVE $8!
  • Steamed Truffle & Pork Dumplings
    • Truffle Xiao Long BaoA modern rendition of our classic award winning Xiao Long Bao, the premium Steamed Truffle & Pork Dumplings features finest black truffles with fresh pork wrapped in delicate skin. Savour the robust flavours of the luscious ingredients and rich broth in lavish servings.
  • Sliced Duck in Crispy Spring Onion Pastry
    • Sliced Duck in Crispy Spring Onion Pastry Slivers of smoked duck and spring onions are wrapped in a crispy spring roll skin. The addition of spring onions introduces a light fragrance to this appetiser.
  • Exclusive available at marina bay and resorts world sentosa
  • Deep-fried Specially Marinated Pork Chop
    • Deep-fried Specially Marinated Pork Chop Munch away on this scrumptious dish of deeply marinated pork chop, which is deep-fried to perfection. The meat is juicy and tender, making for a wholesome gastronomic experience at Din Tai Fung.
  • Steamed Angled Gourd & Shrimp Dumplings
    • Steamed Angled Gourd & Shrimp DumplingsCombining crunchy angled gourds, bamboo shoots and fresh prawns, the Steamed Angled Gourd & Shrimp Dumplings is an inspired creation. Packed with goodness, the health and beauty conscious will take pleasure in the whitening benefits of angled gourd and Vitamin E-rich bamboo shoot.
  • Crispy Chicken Wings Marinated in Shrimp Paste
    • Crispy Chicken Wings Marinated in Shrimp Paste Crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside, the intense savoury flavours of the prawn paste will leave you licking your fingers as you bite into the golden thin crust. One is never enough!
  • Stir-fried Hong Kong Kailan with Special Sauce
    • Stir-fried Hong Kong Kailan with Special SauceA healthy must-have complement to any meal, the kailan is expertly flash-fried with minimal oil and accented with aromatic slivers of garlic.
  • Double-Boiled Papaya & Snow Fungus with Rock Sugar
    • Excellent for the complexion and balancing of the inner soul, this is a healing dessert that is perfect for rounding up a simple lunch or dinner.
  • -BBQ chicken
    • Spicy chicken chunks, chicken ham, luscious pineapple chunks with fresh capsicums, baked on a sweet and smoky bbq sauce.
  • Variety box
    • 2 personal pan pizzas (fav/classic), 4 pcs honey roasted wings, 3 pcs garlic bread, 4 pcs chicken tenders
  • Twin tuesday
    • 1 personal pan pizza (classic), 1 pasta perfetto
  • -Quattro cheese deluxe
    • Savoury chicken pepperoni baked on a bed of mozzarella, parmesan, cream cheese and cheddar, topped with turkey bacon and fresh rocket leaves.
  • -Seafood deluxe
    • Taste the freshness of the ocean in this combination of juicy prawns marinated in spices, succulent squid and tasty tuna
  • -Wild about mushrooms
    • Be enthralled by a mouthwatering medley of fresh mushrooms topped with cherry tomatoes and fresh rocket leaves, on creamy alfredo sauce.
  • 2 for $22 with free 4pcs sides
    • 2 regular pan/hst pizzas (favourite), free 4 pcs sides (choice of: honey roasted wings, battered chicken with cheese sauce, chicken tenders with cheese sauce or cinnamon breadsticks)
  • 6 Pcs spicy tangy
    • Crispy coated wings and drumlets, tossed in spicy tangy sauce that gives you a lip-numbing spicy kick.
  • -Kids burger
  • Teriyaki Burger $3.55
  • Natsumi Beef $3.35
  • Hokkaido Croquette Burger $2.65
  • Corn Soup $2.60
  • MOS Burger $3.55
  • Chilli Dog $3.65
  • French Toast Teriyaki Chicken $2.60
  • Chicken Gyoza (5 Pieces) $7.28
  • Pork Katsu Don $10.49
    • Fried pork cutlet rice.
  • Kawaebi $10.49
    • Deep fried river shrimp.
  • Pork Shogayaki Bento $13.70
    • Pan-fried sliced pork with shogayaki sauce.
  • Tori Kawa (Set of 2) $7.28
    • Chicken skin.
  • Scallop (Set of 2) $7.28
  • Uzura Bacon (Set of 2) $7.28
    • Quail egg with bacon.
  • Chuka Hotate $5.14
    • Marinated scallop.
  • Ice jellyFruit cocktail
  • Braised chicken feet
  • Braised pig´s trotter
  • Almond fruit cocktail
  • Pork ribs soup
  • Tang oh
  • Dry bak kut teh
  • Pig´s kidney soup
PP 881 Eating House

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