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Soup Restaurant Toa Payoh in Toa Payoh has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as ●Cakes or 8 Ways to eat soup from The Soup Spoon. Wing Zone offers many options including Churros and 1.5 L Coca Cola. Tino's Pizza Cafe includes a wide range like 1 Roman pizza 1 spaghettini 1 tapas 1 dessert crustar 4 soup of the day or ●1roman pizza. ●Chicken/burgers/rice and Shoyu sansho (s.s) chicken from . KFC offers MOS Burger and MOS Burger.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Green Chillies with Marinated Stuffed Minced Meat
    • Green Chillies with Marinated Stuffed Minced MeatCreated specially to suit the Thai palate, this popular dish is now available in Singapore and features an exciting fusion of sweet, sour and spice. Promises to whet your appetite!
  • Steamed Yam Paste Dumplings
    • Steamed Yam Paste DumplingsCarefully selected premium Thailand-imported yams are finely mashed before being enveloped in smooth dumpling skin.
  • Cantonese Sweet & Sour Pork
    • Cantonese Sweet & Sour PorkOriginated from Cantonese cuisine, this winning combination of bite sized pork nuggets coated in a tangy sweet and sour sauce has captured the appetitites of many.
  • Stir-fried Hong Kong Kailan with Special Sauce
    • Stir-fried Hong Kong Kailan with Special SauceA healthy must-have complement to any meal, the kailan is expertly flash-fried with minimal oil and accented with aromatic slivers of garlic.
  • Crispy Chicken Wings Marinated in Shrimp Paste
    • Crispy Chicken Wings Marinated in Shrimp Paste Crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside, the intense savoury flavours of the prawn paste will leave you licking your fingers as you bite into the golden thin crust. One is never enough!
  • Sliced Duck in Crispy Spring Onion Pastry
    • Sliced Duck in Crispy Spring Onion Pastry Slivers of smoked duck and spring onions are wrapped in a crispy spring roll skin. The addition of spring onions introduces a light fragrance to this appetiser.
  • Steamed Chinese Style Layer Cakes
    • Steamed Chinese Style Layer CakesThese traditional layer cakes yield softly as one bites into the pale yellow pillow. Its smooth and slightly sticky surface glides on the tongue, making for an irresistible afternoon tea snack.
  • Steamed Angled Gourd & Shrimp Dumplings
    • Steamed Angled Gourd & Shrimp DumplingsCombining crunchy angled gourds, bamboo shoots and fresh prawns, the Steamed Angled Gourd & Shrimp Dumplings is an inspired creation. Packed with goodness, the health and beauty conscious will take pleasure in the whitening benefits of angled gourd and Vitamin E-rich bamboo shoot.
  • Rigatoni Siciliana $24.61
    • Short tube pasta with eggplant, basil, parmesan and buffalo mozzarella in a rich tomato sauce.
  • Bocconcini Di Napoli $7.49
    • Mozzarella balls with cherry tomatoes.
  • Linguine Frutti Di Mare $27.82
    • Linguine with calamari, clams, shrimp, fresh tomatoes in seafood-tomato sauce.
  • Pannacotta $10.70
    • Vanilla custard served with mixed berries.
  • Hoegaarden $9.63
  • Bruschetta Burratina $14.98
    • Fresh burrata cheese with oven roasted cherry tomatoes on grilled bread.
  • Spaghetti Carbonara $22.47
    • Spaghetti with bacon, onion, egg yolk and a touch of cream.
  • Fettuccine Salsiccia E Tartufo $25.68
    • Homemade pasta with Italian sausage and truffles in a touch of cream.
  • Chicken slices $9.60
  • Be your own chef - choose baked rice / pasta
  • Combo A $3.50
    • drink / ice cream
  • Open haert surgery fried rice (for 4) $46.00
    • 400 grams of new york strips, 1 spring chicken filled with sausages in sambal tomato sauce accompanied by garden salad with sour plum mayo & heart attack fried rice
  • Baked beans $8.60
  • Black beauty $6.30
    • Delicious homemade brownie with 2 scoops of ice-cream and chocolate sauce
  • Spaghetti
  • Tom Yum seafood fusilli $14.80
  • Chilli beef & cheese poutine
    • An indulgence of potato crisp loaded with chilli beef and creamy cheese, a hearty one to enjoy with a beer
  • -Crispy calamari
  • ●Crave for more? Add these well-loved flavours to your favorite flatbread
  • Pepperoni bolognese
    • Mamma mia! shell pasta cooked with scrumptious homemade meat ragout and pepperoni
  • Cold soba summer salad (V)
    • A go-to rest when the sun is hot and days are long, chilled soba noodles with breaded mushrooms, radish, carrot, corn and a dash of truffle oil
  • Charcuterie & cheese board
    • The classic pairing of coppe ham and cheese, served alongside charcoal ciabatta and dried fruits, best companions to you favourite wines!
  • Chiptease (V)
    • These golden chips are tossed with our house blend of spices. dunk into the jalapeño cheese dip for the extra compa!
  • Cheeky tikka
    • An inspiration using south asian flavours: crisp tomato-based flatbread topped with charred bell peppers
  • Fragrant Rice $1.07
  • Sprite $3.74
  • Pickled Chilli Bullfrog $19.26
  • Fried Egg with Shrimp $10.70
  • Fried Rice with Shredded Egg $8.56
  • Vegetables $10.59
  • Spicy Chicken Cubes $17.12
  • Summer Obsession $5.24
  • Edamame $10.70
    • Boiled Soybeans.
  • Horenso Goma Ae $10.70
    • Spinach with Japanese Sesame Dressing.
  • Spicy Tuna and Aburi Salmon Maki $26.16
    • Tuna and seared salmon in spicy sauce.
  • Premium Chirashi Don (Omakase) $41.60
    • Enjoy a treasure trove of premium seafood, featuring items like Uni, Ikura, Toro, and other seasonal catches from the sea of Japan. Kindly note that ‘Omakase' means it will be subject to the chef’ discretion and item’s availability that day. We aim to serve the best!
  • Unagi avocado Foie Gras Maki $30.75
    • Eel, avocado and foie gras roll with egg and cucumber.
  • Ishinomaki style California Maki $23.78
    • Ishinomaki style california maki with aburi salmon.
  • Salmon Avocado Salad $13.48
    • Marinated salmon and avocado mesclun salad.
  • Tempura Moriawase $34.17
    • Mixed tempura – including prawns and vegetables.

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