Bakerzin in Tampines Menu

  • Available on sat, sun & ph till 2pm
  • Supreme breakfast $8.80
    • Fried eggs, sausage, grilled bacon, baked beans and a slice of bread (wholemeal walnut or ciabatta)
  • Chef's breakfast $10.00
    • Fried eggs, sausages, grilled bacon, mushrooms, baked potatoes, grilled tomato, and a slice of bread(wholemeal walnut or ciabatta)
  • -Option for scrambled eggs is available at an addition for $2.00
  • Omelette
    • The perfect choice for a hearty breakfast! choice of either:
  • -Ham, bacon and cheese $5.80
  • -Mushrooms $4.80
  • -Mixed vegetables $4.80
  • Apple cinnamon thick toast $4.80
    • Juicy granny smith apples braised with aromatic cinnamon accentuates the flavour of this homemade toast
  • Blueberry pancakes $6.50
    • 2 fluffy pancakes topped with soft butter & honey. top up $0 for a scoop of bakerzin artisan ice cream
  • Muffins $2.50
    • Blueberry / chocolate chip / vanilla
  • ●Kids breakfast with free milo
  • Smiley breakfast $5.50
    • Fried eggs and chicken sausage
  • Happy breakfast $5.50
    • Grilled ham & cheese sandwich
  • Flame-grilled
  • Coffe pulled pork burger
    • Delightful succulent pork shoulder and coffee barbecued sauce made from freshly grounded coffee paired with freshly homemade buns, served with golden fries
  • Bakerzin signature burger
    • Freshly homemade buns with grilled new zealand ground beef, herb mayonnaise, beer braised onions, cheese, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes and golden fries
  • Chicken schnitzel burger
    • Freshly homemade buns with fried breaded chicken cutlet, tomatoes and lettuce, served with golden fries
  • BLT sandwich
    • Homemade focaccia, bacon, lettuce and roma tomatoes dressed in pesto mayonnaise sauce, served with golden fries
  • Matcha mayo wholemeal walnut sandwich
    • Served with homemade healthy walnut wholemeal bread, crisp japanese cucumber, fresh iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and roast chicken breast dressed in light matcha mayonnaise, served with golden fries
  • -Penne
  • -Linguine
  • Choose your pasta
  • -Spaghetti
  • Choose a style
  • -Aglio olio
  • -Arrabiata
  • -Carbonara
  • -Homemade cream laksa
  • -Marinara
  • -Pesto
  • Add a topping
  • -Beef meatballs
  • -Pork sausage
  • -Coffe pulled pork
  • -Ham, bacon and mushrooms
  • -Mixed seafood
  • -Green garden
    • Olives and sundried tomatoes, best recommended with pesto sauce only
  • -Vongole
    • A rich white wine based pasta, coupled with fresh clams
  • Homemade thyme pizza base 8"
  • -Margherita
  • Choose 2 toppings
  • -Cherry tomatoes
  • -Cheese
  • -Capsicum
  • -Jalapeño
  • -Olives
  • -Onions
  • -Pineapples
  • -Sundried tomatoes
  • Choose 1 filling
  • -Beef meatballs
  • -Pork sausage
  • -Chicken tikka masala
  • -Coffe pulled pork
  • -Ham, bacon, mushroom
  • -Mixed seafood
  • -Roast beef
  • -Thai basil pork/chicken
  • Chef signature crab cakes
    • Lightly seasoned and robustly flavoured, served with mango and pineapple salsa
  • Beer-battered calamari
    • Beer-battered tender crisp golden calamari rings, sprinkle with special spices, served with asian tartar dip, best eaten hot!
  • Tomato basil bruschetta
    • Freshly diced tomatoes, basil olive oil and parmesan cheese atop french baguette
  • Truffle fries
    • Golden fries in truffle oil, served with asian tartar dip
  • Oriental chicken wings
    • With chilli dip
  • Creamy chicken pie
    • Chunky chicken thigh meat, button mushrooms and root vegetables in creamy sauce
  • Yummy mixed vegetable pie
    • A yummy vegetarian option with golden brown leeks, butter and black pepper
  • Soup of the day
    • Please check with our friendly staff
  • Wild forest mushroom soup
    • With homemade croutons and fresh cream
  • Classic pumpkin soup
    • With roasted pumpkin seeds and fresh cream
  • Herb cream cheese salad
    • Arugula, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, golden raisins and herb cream cheese, tossed in yuzu dressing
  • Signature caesar salad
    • Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, egg and bacon bits, tossed in caesar dressing
  • Pearl barley salad
    • Mesclun, cherry tomatoes, yellow peppers, japanese cucumbers, pearl barley, tuna, pumpkin, seeds and feta cheese, tossed in pesto dressing
  • Ribeye steak
    • Chargrilled to perfection and served with mixed salad and a choice of golden fries
  • Chiczella
    • Tantalizing southern style deep fried chicken thigh meat baked in corn flakes and coated with melted mozzarella cheese, served with asian cucumber salad and golden
  • Classic fish & chips
    • Beer battered leather jacket fillet, deep fried to golden brown, served with golden fries and asian tartar dip
  • No. 1 fisherman's basket
    • Beer battered leather jacket fillet calamari, battered prawns and golden fries, served with mixed salad and asian tartar dip
  • Bacon mac and cheese
    • Comforting creamy baked macaroni in nacho cheese sauce, with bacon, parmesan and breadcrumbs
  • Baked pork sausages
    • With herbed golden fries and cranberry sauce
  • Salmon japanese teriyaki
    • Flaky, juicy and fresh pan-seared salmon fillet coated with teriyaki sauce, served with couscous
  • Thai basil rice
    • Choice of pork or chicken, thai fragrant rice, minced pork/chicken, long beans, chillies, thai basil and fried egg
  • Japanese katsu curry rice
    • Butterflied chicken thigh meat generously topped with rich curry sauce and served with steamed rice
  • Mum's chicken curry
    • Choice of naan, rice or bread , juicy chicken meat served in a thick flavourful coconut curry
  • Butter chicken masala
    • Choice of naan, rice or bread, tender chicken thigh meat marinated with selected premium spices, served in a rich indian masala sauce
  • Paneer butter masala
    • Choice of naan, rice or bread, marinated with selected premium spices, with chunks of rich paneer
  • This menu is only for kids below 12 years of age
  • ●Kids starters
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Kids smiley fries
  • ●Kids mains
  • Mini burgers with smiley fries
  • Ham & cheese macaroni
  • Ham & cheese sandwich with smiley fries
  • Mini meatball pasta
  • Chicken nuggets with smiley fries
  • Chocolate amer
  • Foret noir
    • Contains alcohol
  • Homemade tiramisu
    • Contains alcohol
  • Mango mousse
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Cookies & cream cheesecake
  • New york cheesecake
  • Zesty rainbow cake
  • Signature macarons
  • Banana split
    • Fresh banana topped with bakerzin artisan chocolate as well as vanilla ice cream and macaron and crisp waffle
  • Chocolate souffle
    • A perfect chocolate souffle paired with bakerzin artisan vanilla ice cream
  • Lemon souffle
    • Baked to perfection and best eaten hot, this airy souffle is served with bakerzin artisan vanilla ice cream
  • Warm chocolate cake
    • Rich chocolate goodness, served with bakerzin artisan vanilla ice cream
  • French waffles
    • Served with bakerzin artisan vanilla ice cream, seasonal fresh berries and raspberry sauce, this is a perfect dessert for everyone
  • Bakerzin artisan ice cream
  • -110g tub
  • -350g tub

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Olive Fried Rice $8.00
    • This Thai olive fried rice dish gets its rich umami flavour from salted black olives, making it an irresistible, savoury treat for the tastebuds!
  • Beef Panang (Mild Spicy) $15.00
  • Beef Noodle Soup $11.00
    • Beef noodle soup, is a noodle soup made of stewed or red braised beef, beef broth, vegetables and Chinese noodles. It exists in various forms throughout East Asia and Southeast Asia.
  • Thai Yellow Ginger Chicken (Mild Spicy) $12.00
  • Lemongrass Tea $4.00
  • Sea Bass with Sweet and Sour Sauce $31.00
  • Minced Meat Omelette $13.50
  • Basil with Rice and Egg, Thai Milk Tea & Red Ruby $12.00
  • Deep Fried duck with yam $16.50
    • Sliced duck meat encrusted with fried yam and paired with our special mushroom dip
  • Braised bean curd with chinese cabbage $18.50
    • Homemade bean curd and chinese cabbage flavoured with putian seasonal clams, dried shrimps and dried scallops in a light, tasty broth
  • Putien ca fen $9.50
    • A mixture of mee sua, noodles and bee hoon in a delicious heartwarming soup with an assortment of vegetables, seafood and pork
  • Chilled lemongrass jelly with fruits $4.90
    • Lemongrass jelly topped with mixed fruits such as watermelon and dragonfruit, every spoonful is as refreshing
  • Spinach in supreme stock $13.50
    • The soft and tender chinese spinach is first stir fried on high heat for flavor, the stewed in rich supreme stock mix of century egg and salted egg to give it a burst of flavour
  • Claypot chicken in fermented red rice wine $14.50
    • Juicy tender chicken simmered in crimson hues of fragrant red rice wine
  • Fried heng hwa bee hoon $9.50
    • Putien heng hwa bee hoon is the only sun dried vermicelli milted by hand in putian, unlike machine dried bee hoon, drying manually under the sun at the crack of drawn ensures that bee hoon is...
  • Putien sweet & sour pork with lychees $13.90
    • Deep fried to light golden brown, the meat is tender and moist on the inside, the lychee is a perfect complement with its added burst of sweetness to the sauce
  • Stir fried seafood bee hoon with fish sauce
  • Stir fried lotus root with macadamia nut / sautéed string bean with XO sauce
  • Fiery sambai squid with prawns
  • Sautéed crab meat with sweet gourd & homemade tofu / homemade seaweed tofu
  • Chinese spinach in superior stock
  • Dong po pork braised pork belly / mongolian spare ribs / pork ribs (boneless)
  • Old-style steamed fish slices / hong kong style steamed fish slices
  • Baby kailan with salted fish & lime
  • Jumbo yakitori $6.90
    • Grilled chicken skewer with teriyaki sauce
  • -Beef $12.80
  • Ika $2.30
    • Squid
  • Inari lobster salad $6.30
    • Sweet beancurd with lobster salad
  • amakusa (6 kinds) $69.80
    • Tuna Belly, sea urchin,salmon, raw scallop, whelk clam, squid
  • Hotate mentaiyaki/miso mayo $9.80
    • Grilled scallop with cod roe or miso & mayonnaise sauce
  • Mekajiki $4.80
    • Swordfish
  • Chicken tamago toji udon/soba/ramen $11.80
    • Soup noodles with chicken & egg
  • Jalapeño steak sliders
    • Chomp down these juicy steak sliders with charred bell peppers and jalapeño cheese sauce
  • Chicken masala
    • Devour the flavoured tandoori chicken masala served with toasted charcoal bread to soak up all that rich spiced gravy
  • Grilled chicken salad
    • House salad of grilled chicken fillet tossed with raisin quinoa, bell peppers, fine beans and dried apricot, then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil
  • Slow braised beef cheeks
    • Seck comfort in these braised beef cheeks: slow cooked until tender and contrasted with crisp onion rings, served with fine beans on a bed of creamy mash
  • Pepperoni bolognese
    • Mamma mia! shell pasta cooked with scrumptious homemade meat ragout and pepperoni
  • Otah toasties
    • An inspiration from well-loved local flavours, spicy fish cake topped on crisp toasts
  • Chirpy chips
    • It's always chirpy with these chips drizzled with curried mayonnaise and savoury chicken floss
  • Fish cracklings
    • Crackling fish skin tossed with our house blend of spices, served with aioli, best enjoyed with a good chunks
  • Turkey club
    • A popular triple decker with smoked turkey breast, crispy bacon, lettuce and tomato
  • Aglio olio
  • Laksa supreme
    • Served with prawns, beancurd puff, calamari balls, quail eggs, and homemade sambal chilli
  • Black pepper chicken
  • Baked wings
    • Mid-joint wings with choice of BBQ or spicy sauce
  • Mushroom
    • Shiitake & button mushroom and onion topped with mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan cheese
  • Tuna & apple
    • Tuna chunks and mayonnaise with crisp and zesty, granny smith
  • Tomato & capsicum / Mushroom
  • Double-Boiled Papaya & Snow Fungus with Rock Sugar
    • Excellent for the complexion and balancing of the inner soul, this is a healing dessert that is perfect for rounding up a simple lunch or dinner.
  • Green Chillies with Marinated Stuffed Minced Meat
    • Green Chillies with Marinated Stuffed Minced MeatCreated specially to suit the Thai palate, this popular dish is now available in Singapore and features an exciting fusion of sweet, sour and spice. Promises to whet your appetite!
  • Steamed Angled Gourd & Shrimp Dumplings
    • Steamed Angled Gourd & Shrimp DumplingsCombining crunchy angled gourds, bamboo shoots and fresh prawns, the Steamed Angled Gourd & Shrimp Dumplings is an inspired creation. Packed with goodness, the health and beauty conscious will take pleasure in the whitening benefits of angled gourd and Vitamin E-rich bamboo shoot.
  • Deep Fried Handmade Tofu with Water Chestnuts & Mushrooms
    • Deep Fried Handmade Tofu with Water Chestnuts & Mushrooms Filled with a generous dose of mushrooms, carrots, water chestnuts, parsley and fungus, these golden tofu squares are best paired with the specially concocted dipping sauce of chilli and Chinese coriander.
  • Noodle Soup with Fried Pork Chop
    • Noodle Soup with Fried Pork Chop Our legendary noodles are featured here with our signature fried pork chop marinated with complex spices. A hearty yet wholesome twosome to slurp up with gusto.
  • Oriental Wontons with Black Vinegar & Chilli Oil
    • Oriental Wontons with Black Vinegar & Chilli OilSavour this piquant dish of delicately wrapped wontons in a distinctly flavourful mix of vinegar and chilli oil.
  • Steamed Yam Paste Dumplings
    • Steamed Yam Paste DumplingsCarefully selected premium Thailand-imported yams are finely mashed before being enveloped in smooth dumpling skin.
  • Oriental Salad in Special Vinegar Dressing
    • Oriental Salad in Special Vinegar Dressing A perennially popular appetiser with a simple mix of julienne seaweed, bean sprouts, chilli, beancurd strips and rice vermicelli, tossed in a light, tangy dressing that boasts a myriad of flavours all in one serving.
  • Pork Belly Miso Set $19.50
  • Salmon Teriyaki Set $24.50
  • Mabo Tofu Set $15.00
  • Chicken Cutlet $13.00
  • Osaka Ohsho Spicy Boiled Gyoza $6.00
  • Fish Cake $7.00
  • Pork Belly Miso $14.00
  • Osaka Ohsho Gyoza $4.50
  • Sticky noodles in red tom yum with seafood
  • Scoop of vanilla or coconut ice cream
  • Hor fun in clear tom yum gravy with seafood
  • Sweet and sour tofu
  • Stir-fried new zealand beef tenderloin with garlic
  • Stir-fried morning glory with sambal
  • Minced beef with basil
  • Spicy mango salad
  • Future Burger $16.90
  • Salted Egg Mayonnaise $1.80
  • Hainanese Chicken Chili Sauce $1.80
  • Avocado $1.80
  • Fries Platter $12.90
  • Fries $4.00
  • Cheese Fries $6.00
  • Impossibly Truffled Burger $17.90
    • The burger is made of freshly grilled buns, with melted Provolone cheese on Impossible patty laid on full piece of lettuce, topped with caramelized onions & sauteed mushrooms,lightly drizzled with truffle oil.
  • Chilli Paneer $10.70
    • Cubes of paneer cooked with green pepper, green chili, onion and garlic.
  • Pepper Chili Fish $10.70
    • Batter fried sliced fish with ginger, red chilies, assorted capsicum and spring onions.
  • Pepper Chili Paneer $10.70
    • A robust combination of Indian and Chinese spices and ingredients. Indian cottage cheese with assorted capsicum and chili.
  • Spring Roll (Chicken) $12.84
    • Handmade made spring roll with either chicken or vegetable stuffing.
  • Chili Garlic Noodle (Non Veg) $12.84
  • Lamb With Dry Red Chilli $12.84
    • Szechwan style quick fried lamb tossed with spring onion, carrot, garlic and hot red chili in soy sauce.
  • Szechwan Hakka Noodles (Non Vegetarian) $12.84
  • Egg Fried Rice $12.84
  • Rum-raisin honey toast $10.80
  • Shrimp tempura curry $13.00
    • Shrimp tempura
  • •Topping
  • *Valid from 2pm to 6pm
  • Natto and egg curry $13.00
    • Natto, onsen egg
  • •Katu curry
  • Tako! Tako! $14.00
    • *Jumbo ebi *takoysaki
  • Pork katsu curry $13.00
    • Crispy pork katsu
  • Sizzling Curry Rice with Scallop & Chicken $9.90
    • With soup. A harmonious match of quality Japanese Scallop and tender Chicken, completed with a sunny side up egg, this dish will definitely satisfy your scallop seafood cravings.
  • Hamburg Steak & Beef BBQ Combo $8.90
    • Comes with Rice and Soup. Japanese BBQ combo of juicy Beef and tender Australian Hamburg Steak.
  • Beef $1.00
  • Chicken Pepper Rice $6.50
    • The alternative to our symbolic Beef Pepper Rice! Tender chunks of juicy Chicken thigh served with the trusted combination of Japanese rice, crunchy corn, signature margarine and freshly ground pepper.
  • Mashed potato $1.30
  • Rice $1.00
  • -Add Cheese $1.00
  • Egg $0.70
  • Lele penyet
    • smashed caifish
  • Ayam penyet
    • Smashed fried chicken
  • Other food we served
  • Sayap penyet
    • Smashed chicken wing
  • Bawal penyet
    • Smashed pomfret
  • Bakso Penyet
    • Smashed beefball
  • kerupuk udang & emping
    • Prawn crackers
  • Tahu-tempe penyet
    • Smashed beancurd and beancakes
  • C702 Chicken Black Olive Fried Rice 鸡肉橄榄炒饭 $8.45
  • C101 Deep-fried Tofu with Thai Chilli Sauce 炸豆腐配泰式辣椒酱 $6.31
  • C202 Papaya Salad 泰式青木瓜沙拉 $6.31
  • C901 Thai Iced Milk Tea 泰式冰奶茶 $3.75
  • C715 Stir-fried Drunken Tang Hoon 辣炒冬粉 $8.45
  • C302 Green Beef Curry 青咖喱牛肉 $10.17
  • C403 Stir-fried Sotong with Yellow Ginger 黄姜炒苏东 $11.66
  • C213 Chicken, Egg & Vermicelli Soup 鸡肉粉丝蛋汤 $8.03




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