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Party World Ktv in Clementi has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as V = vegetarian or Harry's signature wings from Harry's Angullia Park. Suki-Ya Japanese Restaurant offers many options including Braised Pork Bun and Crispy Chicken Wings in Fermented Bean Paste. Boon Tong Kee includes a wide range like Abalone Yusheng or Stir Fried (Sautéed) Hor Fun with Mixed Seafood and Meat 什錦炒河粉. A : Small Pastry Box and B: Large Pastry Box from . Paul offers Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and Value Combo Meal C.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Makgeolli 750ml $20.00
    • Korean rice wine.
  • Q4. Yangnyeom Moksal $20.00
    • Seasoned pork collar with soy sauce.
  • Ice Lemon Tea $2.00
  • D5. Bulgogi-Pajeon $25.00
    • Green onion pancake with beef.
  • Kloud 500ml $12.00
    • Korean beer.
  • B4. Kimchi Bokumbap (Spicy) $15.00
    • Kimchi fried rice.
  • E2. Ojingeo-Samgyeopsal Bulgogi $25.00
    • Stir fried squid and pork.
  • C6. Tteok-bokki (Spicy) $15.00
    • Soft rice cake simmered in spicy sauce.
  • 港蒸八叔公魚 Hong Kong Steamed Uncle Lapan $38.42
  • 厚菇粒腐皮西蘭花 Diced Thick Mushroom with Beancurd Skin and Broccoli $14.87
  • Sprite $3.42
  • 馒头 Mantou 8pcs $6.42
  • 番茄蛋 Tomato Egg $8.45
  • 砂煲豆腐 Claypot Tofu $11.23
  • 蒜茸西兰花 Broccoli with Garlic $12.73
  • 香脆麥片蝦 Golden Cereal Prawns $20.86
  • Maggie Goreng Seafood $8.50
  • Big John $10.00
  • Chicken Steak $7.90
  • Bee Hoon Goreng Ikan Bilis $5.85
  • Coin Prata $4.95
  • Oothappam Onion $3.85
  • Nasi Goreng Pataya Seafood $8.80
  • Tea 'O' Ice $2.30
  • Curly Fries & Onion Rings in Cone $5.80
  • Mocha Madness $10.50
    • Two scoops: Mocha Rocks and Chocolate Kit Kat, layered with caramel biscuits, chocolate shavings, dark chocolate sauce and whipped cream.
  • •choose your flavour! Single scoop
  • Flambé Escargots in Shells (6 pcs) $10.50
    • Delectable snail meat sauteed with creamy garlic butter & baked in their shells with French distillate flambé, served on terracotta ware
  • Apple Pie A La Mode $7.90
    • Chef’s special apple pie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream served warm or cold
  • Sakura Shrimp Aglio Olio with Grilled Slipper Lobster $16.80
    • Sautéed slipped lobster with light olive oil with chilli flakes
  • Double Chocolate $10.50
    • Two scoops: Chocolatey Kit Kat and Snicker Mars Honeycomb Vanilla, coupled with caramel biscuits, chocolate balls, dark chocolate sauce and whipped cream.
  • Jack’s Beef Steak & Leather Combo $22.00
    • Succulent N.Z. striploin steak & boneless chicken leg topped with sambal sauce
  • Shogayaki & Torikurozu Combo Set $15.50
    • Stir-fry pork with ginger & fried chicken and vegetables with black vinegar sauce.
  • A La Carte Rosu Tonakatsu (No Rice) $16.00
    • Breaded Yongenon Silky Pork Loin Cutlet.
  • Okimedai $20.00
    • Chacoal grilled sea bream okimedai marinated with shoyu kouji.
  • Shochu Yuzu Shu $15.00
    • Japanese Citrus Yuzu Liqueur.
  • Matcha Soy Milk $4.50
  • Saba $19.50
    • Charcoal grilled mackerel.
  • Pork Belly Salad $10.00
  • Salmon Gril $11.00
    • Charcoal grilled salmon head.
  • King Salmon Capella $16.90
    • Grilled Norwegian king salmon served with black mussels, mixed leaf salad and potato croquette over creamy seafood ginger sauce.
  • Nom Nom Chicken Burger $15.90
    • Tender grilled boneless chicken fillet topped with melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions drizzled with mayonnaise on our freshly baked brioche bun.
  • Creamy Iced Milk Tea $3.90
    • A refreshing iced milk tea made with brewed black tea and the creamy richness of a secret recipe!
  • Wild Mushroom Aglio Olio $14.90
    • Spaghetti tossed with assorted of mushrooms, red chilli and garlic in olive oil.
  • Peach Sparkler $3.90
    • Peach flavor sparkling water with a dash of apple juice and maraschino cherries. Slurps!
  • Calamari $8.00
    • Golden-brown freshly fried squid rings is an unalloyed delight. Served with tartar sauce and a dash of lemon.
  • Beef Bolognese $14.90
    • Spaghetti tossed in yummy rich beef and sausage Bolognese with rich flavor of tomatoes and herbs.
  • Iced Mocha $4.50
    • It's smooth, bold, and chocolatey!
  • In House Curry Udon 咖喱乌冬面 $9.80
  • Crispy Lemon Chicken Slice 柠檬素鸡片 $18.00
  • Stir fry Lion's Mane Mushroom 三杯猴头菇 $18.80
  • Bolognaise Spaghetti 意大利意粉 $10.80
  • Spicy Korean Style Handmade Noodles 韩式拌面 $9.80
  • In House Special Sauce Soy Fish 招牌鳕鱼 $18.00
  • Stir Fry Black Pepper Udon 黑胡椒乌冬面 $9.80
  • Spicy Udon Soup with Fried Chicken 炸鸡乌冬面汤 $8.80
  • Amatriciana (CP) $22.00
    • Bacon, onion, tomato, pecorino cheese
  • -With smoked salmon $27.00
  • Prawn cocktail (GF) $31.00
    • Homemade cocktail sauce, lemon
  • Mini berliner bun $1.50
  • Tuna, gherkin and celery $2.50
  • -Tenderloin 180gm $68.00
  • -With grilled tiger prawns $31.00
  • Mini berry tart $1.50
  • Otak Otak (Otah) $9.80
    • 100% home-made! Our sensational Otak Otak is made with fresh Mackerel fish and a delicious blend of Daisy's secret rempah and coconut.
  • Ngoh Hiang $12.80
    • Daisy's secret mix of pork, prawn, onions and water chestnuts. Freshly made and skilfully rolled in beancurd skin and fried golden brown. Voted Top 10 Ngoh Hiang by Epicure Asia Magazine in 2013.
  • Babi Pongteh $13.80
    • A classic Peranakan favourite of sliced pork belly stewed to perfection in a soybean sauce. Served with potatoes and mushrooms and garnished with fresh green chilli.
  • Rice $1.50
  • Beef Rendang $16.80
    • A must try for all beef lovers! Tender, fragrant and flavourful. Slow-cooked in Daisy’s very own secret blend of traditional spices, herbs and chilli.
  • Sambal Belacan $5.00
    • Made from scratch at Daisy's. Enjoy our Sambal Belacan with any dish.
  • Buah Keluak $18.80
    • A must have in any Peranakan feast. The soft flesh of the buah keluak nut is carefully extracted and mixed with minced pork and Daisy's specal seasoning, before being re-stuffed into the nut again. The stuffed nut is then cooked with soft-bone pork and Daisy's special rempah, a perfect combination that gives the dish a mouth-watering gravy. Preparing this dish may be laborious and time consuming, but its exquisite flavours make it all worthwhile. *3 nuts per serving.
  • Kong Bak $13.80
    • A family secret-recipe dish, of stewed pork belly, that’s been passed down from Daisy’s mom. It’s hard to resist this delicious dark sauce stew dish, severed with beancurd and mushrooms.
  • Aburi Cha Shu Ramen $14.00
  • Crispy Gyoza $7.00
  • Okonomiyaki Gyoza $8.00
  • Cuttlefish Soken Karaage $8.00
  • Fried Chicken Toji Set $17.00
  • Salmon Teriyaki Rice Set $23.00
  • Chicken Cutlet Rice Set $18.00
  • Chicken Teriyaki Rice Set $18.00
  • Kyuri Salad きゅうりサラダ $3.85
    • Cucumber salad.
  • Potato Croquette ポテトコロッケ $7.70
    • Japanese style potato croquette.
  • Tako タコ $5.14
    • Octopus.
  • Plain Rice & Miso Soup $4.88
  • Tiger タイガー $10.27
  • Tako Yaki タコ焼き $7.70
    • Japanese octopus balls.
  • Hana Salmon Maki 花サーモン巻 $8.99
    • Salmon with mayonnaise.
  • Kaisen Futo Maki 海鮮太巻き $12.84
    • Tuna, salmon, prawn roe, seafood salad & cucumber.
Party World Ktv

Party World Ktv



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3151 Commonwealth Avenue West, #03-01 Clementi City Vibe 129581
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